Meet online from Zoho Mail: Part 2

The first part of our Meet Online series covered our Cliq integration that makes collaborating with your remote team members easier. However, we know video conferencing isn't just for your organization. While collaboration within your team is important for productivity, communicating with customers is crucial to keep your business running.

Online meetings and webinars with Zoho Meeting

Whether you need to hold a meeting with clients or conduct a webinar for your existing customers, Zoho Meeting's integration with Zoho Mail makes it easier than ever.

This integration helps you do more than just access Zoho Meeting from your inbox. You can now create, schedule, and join meetings contextually in multiple ways, all directly from your Zoho Mail inbox.

Quick Launch

Suddenly remembered the meeting you had to schedule while reading your email? You can now launch Zoho Meeting with a single clickfrom anywhere in your inbox. Simply click on the Zoho Meeting icon in the right pane to start a meeting or schedule one for later.

Once you've started the meeting, you can even send out invites through an email or a Cliq message from the Meeting card. With everything in place, launch your meeting and start talking!

eWidget for deeper integration

Setting up a meeting from your mailbox is not always enough. With the Zoho Meeting eWidget, you can also view, edit, and start your upcoming meetings without leaving Zoho Mail.

Our contextual integration helps you instantly convert your emails into meetings. When you open any email, eWidget populates the information into the relevant fields to schedule a meeting with everyone in the conversation.

You can also join meetings from the eWidget using your Meeting key.

With this video conferencing integration, we hope you're a few steps closer to a seamless remote work experience. In the next and final post of this series, we'll talk about the Mail integration that makes online training sessions a breeze.

Until then, stay safe and tell us your feedback in the comments. If you liked our integration, let others know with a tweet!

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8 Replies to Meet online from Zoho Mail: Part 2

  1. Estamos muy a gusto con todas la implementaciones que han hecho para mejorar el servicio, felicitaciones.....

    1. Hi Mitesh. Thank you so much for the amazing feedback! :D Yes, absolutely. You can record" target="_blank" title="">record">">record all your meetings and view them whenever needed. Zoho Meeting does not currently have note-taking capability. Meeting team is constantly working to give you a better service. I'll surely pass it on to the team. Meanwhile, you can use Notebook" target="_blank" title="">Notebook">">Notebook meeting notes feature.

  2. Is there any option to have a sound when we receive the call vide Chat option. Also the incoming call is not visible if the user is not on zoho application and is using some other application like excel for some working. Kindly assist

    1. Hi Sushil. If this is regarding the Cliq video calls, yes. You will receive the audio notification of incoming calls inside Zoho Mail too. :)

  3. Olá... Muito interessante, prático e funcional, desta forma substitui outras opções como skype, entre outras. Desde que no futuro estas opções embora estejam no Zoho One, não sejam complemento e cobranças a parte, como parece ser no modulo de recrutamento.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Gersio. It keeps us motivated. We always aim to give our users the best features without adding hidden charges. :D

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