Snooze and Reminders: Stay on top of your emails and tasks!

 We send and receive emails on a daily basis, and email communication has almost become a lifestyle activity for the corporate world. How often have you opened an email and decided to reply later, only for it to get lost in the rush of daily emails? How about forgetting to schedule a meeting or missing out on a planned meeting? We can't afford to forget meetings, miss deadlines, or be late in responding to crucial work conversations. Wouldn't it be convenient if a genie could pop up to remind you of essential tasks, assignments, and emails? We are excited to introduce our own genie inside Zoho Mail: Snooze and Reminders.

Email Snooze

Sometimes you might receive emails that aren't critical but still might grab your attention. For example, an enticing promotional mail pops out at you, but you might not be able to check it out right away. Emails like this can clutter your inbox and even cloak critical emails if you let them pile up.

 What can you do about such emails? With Zoho Mail, you can snooze them. Zoho Mail's Email Snooze tucks the emails away into a separate folder and retrieves them when you are ready to attend to them. By snoozing less important emails, you de-clutter your inbox to hold only the most essential emails.

How does it work?

Select the emails you wish to handle later, click the Snooze icon, and specify your preferred snooze duration in the popup window. Then, you can sort out the rest of your emails knowing that your snoozed emails will re-appear in the original folder at the set time, outstripping other emails. If you'd like to check out the snoozed emails before the scheduled time, you can see them in the Snoozed folder.

You can also customize your Snooze Presets and set up your preferred/frequently used snooze intervals (For example, one hour, 1 day, 1 week, etc.) to increase efficiency when responding to emails.

To learn more about Email Snooze, refer to this help documentation.

Note: Email Snooze is currently available in the U.S region alone. It'll be made available for other regions soon.

Email Reminders

Though the Email Snooze can pull your attention back to your snoozed emails, what if you have incoming/outgoing emails so critical that you want to be reminded of them at set times? For example, asking for updates from your team to review their progress or following up on a potential prospect so that you can close a deal can demand your attention at certain intervals.

 With our Email Reminders, you can quickly set a reminder for all your meetings scheduled over emails, important email follow-ups, and other vital email interactions to get reminded of them at a specified time. You can also schedule reminders for your outgoing emails to stay updated on their responses.

How does it work?

To set up an email reminder, select the email you want a reminder for, click the Reminder icon, and specify when you want to receive the notification. Simple. Zoho's Email Reminders allow you to set specific times and deadline dates for your reminders.  Now, let's answer some vital questions. ''Can I get notified on every response to the email?''- yes. "Can I get notified if there is no response?''- certainly. "Will I be able to make every recipient in a particular email receive a reminder notification?''- yes, every single one! You can also customize the Reminder values for a faster setup.

Zoho Mail goes one step further in email reminders and automatically triggers a reminder pop-up based on the email context. For example, emails containing words like "ASAP" or a specific time will prompt a reminder pop-up asking if you need a reminder for that email.

While Zoho Mail's Email Reminder may appear similar to Email Snooze, there are significant differences. With Email Snooze, you don't get notifications, but the Email Reminders can notify you of every response to the email. Also, with Email Reminders, you can keep everyone in the loop by enabling reminders for the email's recipients, making this an ideal tool to efficiently manage business interactions over emails.

For more information on Email Reminders, refer to this help documentation.

General Reminders

Some reminders you need might not be specific to any email. For example, a doctor's appointment or a deadline to make a credit card payment also requires reminders. You don't need separate applications for your personal and professional to-do lists anymore. You can confidently designate Zoho Mail's Reminders as the manager of both.

Click the Reminder icon, specify the details of the reminder, and set a time. You will then be notified at the specified time with email and desktop notifications. You can also see all the completed and upcoming reminders in a single window. Aside from the reminders you add in the Reminder window, you can also view your reminders set from Zoho Mail suite applications like Mail, Tasks, Streams, Bookmarks, and Notes under Upcoming Reminders. This way, you get a unified view of all your reminders.

Refer to this help documentation to learn more information on Reminders.

Dismissing and Snoozing Reminders

Sometimes, you might be finished with a work ahead of schedule and don't need to be reminded of it anymore. By dismissing your reminders or marking them as complete, you can declutter the notification pane and keep only the upcoming important tasks in it. All it takes to dismiss is a click and poof!- the reminders vanish.

At other times, some activities might get postponed or you might be busy when the reminder pops up, so you'll need to be reminded of it later. It's too much work to set another reminder for them, so Zoho Mail offers the Snoozing Reminders feature. You can postpone your incoming reminders instantly and set your preferred snooze duration. These reminders are then stored under Snoozed Reminders and will turn back up at the specified time. You can also view all your snoozed reminders from a single pane.

We hope you find these features useful! Zoho Mail's Snooze and Reminders can help manage tasks and emails, streamline your workflow, and declutter your inbox. When you wield these two tools adeptly, you can stay on top of your emails without breaking a sweat.

 Give Zoho Mail's Snooze and Reminders a try and let us know what you think in the comments below. You can also follow us on Twitter for other regular updates and join our community forum to discuss topics and reach out to experts.


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14 Replies to Snooze and Reminders: Stay on top of your emails and tasks!

    1. Hi Daniel. Currently it's not available in the iOS app. However, in the app, you can view the emails you snooze from the web interface in the Snoozed folder.

  1. I'm a small business and using Zoho's services. This feature is very effective, we have to work with many customers during the day and would forget without this feature support. Especially in the field of e-commerce, customers can message you at any time and you can't remember without a reminder tool.

  2. From my zoho mail id ( i send a message to other but it's unfortunate, neither they received in their inbox nor i received any mail from other. Please tell me the problem. when and how i get the facility related with that. thanking you prasun chatterjee

  3. Hello, I was hoping you or someone in the tech department could help me. I keep missing certain important emails sent to my unread box instead of my inbox. For some unknown reason they are marked as "Newsletters" and I never see them in my inbox. Is there a way to correct this persistent issue?

    1. Hi Alice. Kindly check if your filters" target="_blank" title="">filters">">filters are configured properly. If the issue still persists, write to us at and we'll get in touch with you at the earliest. :)

  4. So much utility in the ZOHO app. Moreover wide range of ZOHO apps gives utilities which are beyond a normal person/company may ever use. But it is a pity that there is no app for manufacturing in 45+ apps of ZOHO which is required by millions of MSME companies worldwide. Humble request to give at the least a basic manufacturing app to make ZOHO really a business operating system.

    1. Hi James. The Email Snooze is currently available only to the U.S region. The other features have been enabled for everyone. Check out the help documentation to learn more about Reminders" target="_blank" title="">Reminders">">Reminders and Email" target="_blank" title="">Email">">Email Reminders, and, if the feature is still not available, write to :)

    1. Hi luboško :). At present, Email Snooze is available only for the U.S region. But the other features have been made available to everyone. Can you go through our help documentation for Reminders" target="_blank" title="">Reminders">">Reminders and Email" target="_blank" title="">Email">">Email Reminders? If the feature is still unavailable, write to us at and we'll look into it at the earliest.

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