Zoho Mail: How To Get Match Reminders For Euro 2016 In Your Inbox

Whether or not Britain stays in the EU, make sure you stay in the action this summer - Euro 2016 is upon us! Are you ready?

With Zoho Mail in your pocket, you need not incessantly keep glancing at the time. Leave it to Zoho Mail to ensure you never miss your favorite team's games. Here's how:

Part 1: Add the Euro schedule to your Zoho Calendar

  • Download the Euro 2016 schedule calendar from here (Download ICS).
  • Next, create a custom calendar in Zoho Mail. Click on the Calendar tab on the left pane of your inbox . Then click Settings -> Calendar Settings ->Import -> On the 'By File' tab, browse to the location where you downloaded the calendar in the first step, select it, and click 'open'.
  • Give the calendar a name, like 'Euro 2016', and click on the 'Import' button.
  • The calendar you just imported will show up under 'My Calendars' now. Click on the check-box next to it. That's it, you're done!

Part 2: Setup reminders for each match

  • Under 'Calendar Settings', click on 'My Calendars' and hover the mouse cursor over 'Euro 2016'.
  • From the toolbar that shows up, select 'Details'.
  • Click on 'Add Reminder', customize how far in advance you want to be notified for each game, and you're good to go!

Now just sit back, grab a cold one and cheer for your favorite team!

For a walkthrough of the entire process, watch the video below:


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