Unleashed: Zoho Mail App for iOS and Android Phones

We're glad to announce that the long awaited native mobile app for Zoho Mail is now available on the App Store and Google Play. The app is free for all Zoho Mail users irrespective of the email plan.

We've designed the app so that it is simple and familiar to use yet sophisticated enough to let you do more; from one powerful email app. So besides providing a sleek, intuitive and fluid interface to access your email on the run, it also includes exclusive Calendar, Contacts and Files modules - a complete email app suite. The result is an app that empowers users to maximize their productivity while on the move.


Here's a quick look at some features you'd love:


Be notified only about the emails that matter. Customize your notifications by folder and/or sender.

Ex: For instance you can turn on notifications for your "Marketing material" folder and turn off notifications from John Doe.



Swipe left on your email list to pull up options to Archive, Move and Delete messages. It's more interactive, fun and fast.



Swipe right on your email list to set up reminders for emails you'd like to defer until later. Focus on the ones that matter now. (Only available on iOS at this time)



Find information buried deep in your Inbox in seconds. Criteria based search speeds up the time taken to find what you are looking for, with the little details you remember.



Every attachment you view is conveniently saved in the Files module. Access them even when you are offline. Swipe left on a file's name to perform frequently used actions.



Create events, view event and attendee details along with map overlays, change your availability status; without leaving your email app.



Filter emails and attachments from a particular contact at the tap of your finger.  Easily find and skim through your interactions with them.

mobile-contactsSo go ahead. Download the 'suite-est' mobile email app from the App Store and/or Google Play. Fly through your email when you're on the go!

appstore                gplay

We are constantly working on updating and improving the app to better suit you. Please fire away with your feedback, be it good, bad or ugly and don't feel shy to leave long comments.


143 Replies to Unleashed: Zoho Mail App for iOS and Android Phones

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  2. After the last apple update zoho mail app no longer works for me. It says that my mail contacts and calendar need to be shared using the control panel? What can I do to get this fixed?

  3. The app is awesome, but why can't you schedule emails to be sent automatically at a future date, like you can with the desktop cloud version of ZohoMail?

  4. So disappointing that it's 2016 and you still have no update on very important and most demanding feature of using multiple accounts! I could not rely on you so now I am a most happy customer of Google Apps

    1. Hi, I hope this information helps... Multiple accounts that are registered into zohomail are actually synced into the app for the phone. They all come into the same stream, just like the mail cloud, and when you compose on the phone app and get to the body of the email, there is an option to change the "from" email in the top of the "to" and "from" email panel within the email composition. If you tick it, it will open and show you all of the synced email addresses.

  5. The push notification sound is loud and obnoxious and I can't find a single way to turn it off altogether. Another nasty feature is that it does not sync with my other email so I have to do double duty to delete each email off of my iPhone…Yahoo of course does that for me! Not user-friendly and no help on the Zoho website. Even your old version (if I just set up SMTP) does not synchronize; and again, no help on your website. Not a happy camper.

  6. Multiple account access on the mobile app are necessary. Doesn't make sense to have to log out and log in back and forth between account. Much needed feature I see has been requests for years at this point. Please update. One very important feature, critical. Thank you.

  7. Please add Multiple account support, it's really needed..having to log-out and back in to access multiple emails it's tedious

  8. It´s a most beautiful app. Congratulations! Now, if you can make it to fit several accounts, you´ll be number one. Also, would be appreciated a sync feature with the native apple calendar on iphone. I know, we live in the eternal now …

  9. Can you please tell me how to get unread logo? Like if i have two emails that i havnt opened why isnt there a little "2" on the app button, Like if i recieve an SMS message my messages app has a little number 1 overlay onit? Thanks for your help

  10. Irresponsive Zoho support, when it comes to implementing missing and most wanted feature requested years back for multiple account feature with app. Acting to be funny till date no update. It's silly. Keep it with you Zoho! You can not 1bit of competition to Google. Bunch of jokers. Regards, Ex. Client

  11. First I would like to say the zoho ios app is really great. But, as almost everyone else above, what we need is multiple account support. Please, mark this as number one priority in your roadmap. Thanks!

  12. Like everyone else, I would like to have multiple accounts capability. My other request is the ability to sync Zoho contacts with iPhone contacts, or at least for Zoho to access IPhone contacts

  13. I have 2 emails on 1 domain configured on zoho. Cant get the app to sync both these. I see an update from 2014 (Hari Murali on September 9, 2014 at 12:10 PM) saying multiple accounts will be supported, when will that happen?

  14. The first feature I searched after starting app was multiple account. I have to use other mail client. What a pity.

  15. No notifications or badges are showing up for the iphone app? Is this a know issue? I have checked settings, re-installed, signed in and out and looked at all possibilities with the iphone settings. Can you please help...

  16. Please add multiple email account capability to the app! I have 2 email addresses for my different businesses and it's frustrating to only be able to access one. Forces me to use another third party email app. Thank you!

  17. Had to scroll past about seven pages of people asking for multiple account management, so that I could also ask for multiple account management. Take the hint guys! p.s. well done on inbox insight.

  18. Over 7 months and counting, still waiting for multiple account feature in Zoho. Are you guys on vacation or something?

  19. Awesome app ! I really like the themes, these are sooo great ! I am also waiting for multiple accounts management. (You can receive push notification from one or all accounts and switch easly between them, like the GMAIL app) Once this feature is done, I'm going to fully replace the stock Mail app. Thank you for the good work !

  20. Awesome app ! I really like the themes, these are sooo great ! I am also waiting for multiple accounts management. (You can receive push notification from one or all accounts and switch easly between them, like the GMAIL app) Once this feature is done, I'm going to fully replace the stock Mail app. Thank you for the good work !

  21. This really needs multiple accounts... I fiddled around for a while and couldn't find this feature. Guess I have to resort to a different POP/IMAP client.

  22. I like the zoho mail app a lot. Functions almost better for me than the standard iPhone app. But I am quite surprised that it doesn't have badges to notify me of unread emails. Every other app, even my silly footie app, has badge notifications. I've missed a few emails and their related deadlines because I didn't realize an email was there waiting for me. Thanks for the awesome app otherwise!

  23. How can we get shared, group calendars to show up on the Zoho IOS app? My personal calendars show up. Shared, personal calendars for other people in my contacts show up. However, a group calendar that both my partner and I can edit will not show up in the app. Thanks a lot!

  24. Hi, i've two issues on Android. The App doesn't show me a preview text of the message below the subject as it can be seen on the screenshots. The other issue is I'm not able to make a line break with swiftkey keyboard in the compose view. Any hints?

  25. I love the app but have a few issues: 1. Multiple account sign in. I saw Murali's response and looking forward to the release! 2. iOS Badge App Icon - mine just simply isn't working. I sent an email to support and hopefully it's just me and not the app. 3. Event Invites/Notifications via email - No ICS file or ability to say Yes-No-Maybe from the mail app like in any other mail app or even Zoho's desktop mail. This is EXTREMELY problematic considering there are dozens of event invites a week. This alone makes the new mail app useless for me and my team. Short of that, I love the app.

  26. Love the app. The interface is great! My only request is to be able to add multiple Zoho Mail accounts! Signing in and out is really a big hassle. Also for some reason, I can't seem to add any of my Zoho mail accounts to my iOS device in its native email app.

  27. The app is very well designed and close to a "gmail" experience. I do have a couple of issues with it... The lack of threading makes is difficult for me to recall whether or not I have responded. So I have created labels to help facilitate the process with labels such as "Reserved in computer", "Replied by Email", etc. This works fine in the desktop version, but in the mobile app only one (the first) label works and you cannot add multiple labels. This makes is very difficult to use the mobile app at this point. I'm hoping this addressed and updated very soon.

  28. Hello! I love Zoho Mail and the app is great!! I agree with the other comments and am looking forward to the update allowing multiple account sign ins. Additionally, please create a separate Zoho Calendar app/widget so that the calendar can also be easily viewed and updated outside of the mail app. Thank you!

  29. Love the app. Just wondering if i am missing something as i cannot seem to figure out how to get the mail app on my SG5 to sync with the online account. Everytime i delete something on my phone, it remains.

  30. I would like to have the feature see all the mails in conversation form similar to google. And the second feature that is very much needed is for multiple accounts integration. Thanks

  31. Android APP wont log into my account and I am able to do so on my laptop. I get a screen notification: Error while authenticating (SERVER_ERROR) Please help.

  32. The app looks great and there are lots of nice features but multiple accounts is really a must, I use lots of Zoho mail accounts for multiple customers and at the moment the native mail client (android) is providing this. On a side note, a choice of a darker theme would be appreciated if possible. Thank you

  33. Hi, just wanted to comment this app is great. Thank you for creating it. It is especially helpful because it allows email to still available even if a network might be blocking smtp/imap/pop traffic. My only feedback would be that it would be nice to have the option to select entire mailbox and/or folders that are available offline so that email in those locations can be read and responded to even if cellular or wireless network services are unavailable. Thanks for your consideration.

  34. I love the mail app, but i want to know why my desktop Zoho Mail calendar events are not showing up on the calendar in the Zoho mail app. Am I missing something? Anyone else have this problem?

  35. Hi, I just installed it on my iPhone. In the iPhone notification center I have notifications turned on, however I don't get any mail notifications. The Zoho CRM App does show notifications on the lock screen but not the mail app.

    1. @atul Adding multiple email accounts is the most requested feature so far and we'll push this in our next update. Automatically adding email addresses to the contact list will also be covered in due course of time.

      1. Seriously, when are you going to add multiple account support in Mail App and please fix the notification issues on iOS Mail App. any ETA?

      2. Seriously its been over a year now and for the most requested addition to the app of multiple email account not to be added is just plain ridiculous, there have been plenty updates since this post in 2014 and still nothing, shows a complete lack of listening to your customers, think I need to find myself a different email host.

        1. Seriously, when are you going to add multiple account support in Mail App and please fix the notification issues on iOS Mail App. any ETA?

  36. Not receiving push notifications. It's a little annoying cause I've to rely on the iPhone's default mail application for notifications. Do resolve this issue soon! :)

  37. The new app is great! We are having two problems, however: One When we type the first few letters of an email address, some contacts from ZoHo CRM are not available. In fact, as of this post, I can no longer see the CRM contact option in settings. Two On synch, the portrait of one of my contacts became associated with nearly all of my other contacts. One photo for hundreds of people. Please point me in the right direction to address these problems.

    1. @Juaquim Burch Glad that you find our app to be great. About your two problems: One: Seems like you are expecting the automatic display of Zoho CRM contacts as it happens in the Zoho Mail desktop interface. We don't display Zoho CRM's contacts within the mobile app yet. Two: Please send us an email from the inbuilt feedback form in the mobile app. We'll access your logs and analyze what went wrong with portrait / thumbnails of your contacts. Pardon us for this clumsy experience.

  38. Please do not force threaded views onto us like Gmail does. If some people like it fine, but PLEASE make it optional - allow it to be turned off! Threaded view is one of the worst things ever to slow down productivity.

  39. Zoho Android Mail app stopped pushed notification, yesterday, September 15. It was working fine since installation last Wednesday, the 10th. All of a sudden, no more notifications and no messages load until app is opened. This problem affects both IMAP and POP. Please help. Thanks,

    1. @David Breuer Please try signing out by going into settings, then sign in again and check if the notifications are enabled in Settings. If you still continue to face issues with notifications after a sign out and sign in, please send an email to support@zohomobile.com and our support folks will contact you to get things resolved.

  40. All of the emails that I imported from Outlook.com show up in the Android App with the date that the emails were imported instead of the actual date of the email. This does not happen in the online version. Is there a way to make the imported emails use their actual date? Thank you.

    1. @Doug We have been notified about this bug in the app. We apologize for the inconvenience faced. We'll fix this in our upcoming update.

  41. Is there a way to sync Zoho Mail contacts with Zoho CRM contacts, then have all of those contacts from the Zoho Email app integrate with my Android/Google contacts?

  42. Hi, it's a nice app. I found it non-intuitive to get into the settings in the Android version. Also, it would be nice to have a threaded view or at least the ability to reorder by subject (this would also be a request for the webapp.)

    1. @Bruce Thanks for taking time to share your experience. Have informed the design team to ponder ways to make it more intuitive. Threaded view is in our road map. We'll consider providing the option to reorder by subject as suggested.

  43. Is there a way to convert an email into a task in Zoho Projects/Zoho CRM? Love the way I can do this in Gmail using the Active Inbox plugin. Makes it super easy to implement GTD.

    1. @Jeremy At this time, we do not have the option to create a task from emails from within the app. A user can add an email as a task in Zoho CRM running on a desktop. We will consider this requirement for the app as well and will post updates when it becomes available.

  44. Fantastic app, love the way it has incorporated some of the great features of popular mail clients on iOS and Android! Incredible work! Two small requests: 1) Ability to select default folder or View - for those of us who get tons of emails a day and have lots of folders and rules setup, it would be nice to be able to have the app always open on the "unread" view (since messages are moved out of the inbox based on matching rules) 2) Keep message Unread/Mark Message Unread (from inside the open email) - I might be missing something but I cannot see how to mark a message as Unread once you open it! If I open an email while in the "Unread" view and then close it, it dissapearsfrom the list and I have to navigate to the folder it is in and "Mark as Unread" but this option is only available on a long press in the email listing. There should be an option within the open email to "keep unread" or "mark unread" I was previously using AquaMail on Android which had both of these features, so if you can add them then you will be the number one email app in my opinion!

    1. @Brett Levert Thank you for the compliments. Makes our day when we hear someone calling our app fantastic. About your questions: 1) We will analyze and look into providing this in our app over time. However, we cannot commit any timelines. Sorry. 2) When you open an email, you will have a 'radio button' on the the right top corner, next to the Subject line. By selecting/deselecting this will you can toggle between read/unread. Probably this is not too obvious while using certain themes.

  45. Hi! Great app! Been waiting forever! Thanks! Question: how do I stop email notifications altogether? I don't want to be reminded every time a new email comes in, but I can't seem to stop the notifications. Thanks and congrats on a super product! Andrew.

    1. @Andrew Morris Not sure if you are on iOS or Android. Here is how you can stop notifications in either case: iOS: You'll have to select your iPhone's Settings -> Notification center -> Zoho Mail. Then you can turn them off there. Android: You'll be able to disable the push notifications from settings in the zoho mail app itself.

  46. When can we expect an overhaul to the Webmail UI? It looks very dated. Also, are you working on any improvements to the spam filters? I get too many false positives and training the mails as "Not spam" seems to have no difference.

    1. @KD, We're working on a totally fresh Webmail UI makeover focusing on tighter integrations with Calendar, Tasks, Notes and Contacts modules along with some brand new innovations in relation to email for business. Currently, we are testing it internally in our company and continuously improving it based on feedback from colleagues. We're hoping to open the new UI for our users to test drive within this year. And yes, we have had a few complaints about the functioning of our spam filters recently. Our anti-spam team is on to it.

    1. @Steve The contacts module of the app only syncs with Zoho contacts and not with iCloud contacts on your phone. However, at message compose time the app also shows you the contacts on your phone for convenience.

  47. @Everyone Pardon me for not responding sooner. I've had a tight calendar these past few days since I made this post. @Tom, @Frank, @Anant Anand Gupta, @Naomi, @GP Quite clearly this is the most requested feature. Our mobile development team will take this up on top priority and post an update when we have support for multiple Zoho Mail accounts ready. Just for clarification, if users are looking to manage multiple external email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo etc., they can add these as pop accounts via the webmail settings, which will automatically reflect in the mobile app. So in the current mobile app version, a user can access/switch between one Zoho Mail account and other external accounts (via POP). We’ll roll out support for more than one Zoho Mail account in our next update. @Rob Braggaar,@Chase Barfield, @Ian, @Willem Zoho Mail app for Windows phones is very much in our road map. We do realize that there are other mobile platforms with a significant if not huge user base. We’re unable to wholeheartedly commit on the when but efforts are on to get his ready as soon as possible. @Users facing issues There was a scheduled maintenance over the last weekend that coincided with this announcement. You may have faced sync issues during this time. For issues that still persist, please reach us at support@zohomobile.com and we'll do our best to sort them out. @All others Thank you for taking time to post your comments, compliments and suggestions. We're humbled and motivated by your words of wisdom to keep improving this app and make emailing on-the-go a smooth experience.

  48. I love how nice the app looks. I have had issues with contact syncing through active exchange, mainly changes in android not saving to my zoho account. It will be nice to shift that dependency with a native app. I hope that soon the contacts from the app can be shared with the rest of the device, like phone or maps.

  49. "About Hari Murali Hari Murali is a Product Marketer @ Zoho Mail. The easiest way to start a conversation with him is by leaving a comment on any of his blog posts. He believes that Email will never be dead and tries his best to keep himself up to date about its ever evolving immortal form." While I wouldn't expect Hari to answer each and every comment, his entry has been published with at least 38 comments (many with valid issues/concerns). With a narrative like above, shouldn't one expect SOME kind of interactive dialogue? Just a thought... I was going to download the app for my SGS4 with eager anticipation and high expectations. Based on the comments, however - I'm not so sure it's ready for primetime....think I'll wait a while for some of the kinks to be worked out. Set in my Zoho Tasks to check back in 3 months.... :-)

    1. @Charles,

      While I wouldn’t expect Hari to answer each and every comment, his entry has been published with at least 38 comments (many with valid issues/concerns). With a narrative like above, shouldn’t one expect SOME kind of interactive dialogue? Just a thought…
      Absolutely! One should expect some kind of dialogue. I’m guilty of slacking in living up to my description, as charged :) In defense, I’ve had a tight calendar these last few days since I made this post and intended to start interacting once the comments reached a saturation point. I have been closely following all the comments while on the move and in turn nudging the developers behind the making of this app to act on feedback received. Also, it may be worth it for you to give the app a spin yourself. Well, there are also comments that say “Great app on Android” ;) There was a scheduled maintenance over the last weekend that unfortunately coincided with the announcement and hence some users may have intermittently faced sync issues. So chances are the app may work fine on your SGS4.

  50. This is a fantastic development. I've experienced ongoing problems with my calendar not syncing properly with the native Android calendar. This is a great solution to seeing my calendar accurately on the move (although I can't see a way to see 'week view'). The contacts/emails element is excellent, almost like a mini crm Thanks Zoho

  51. I have been waiting for this to come out for soooooo long! It looks like a good start so far. Still very buggy on my Samsung Galaxy S3, crashed a couple of time. But the app is still brand new, so it was foreseen. Can't wait to see the future of this app!

  52. I just got really excited...like Christmas morning excited...until I realized that you can't have multiple accounts. Hopefully IMAP will take me back. : (

  53. Another blackberry user here - how about either a native app or a location for us to download the Android apk directly? Great service - thank you!

  54. How do I stop it from vibrating when I get a new email. It's driving me crazy. Seriously, this is something I will uninstall over. Also, I can't find the calendar and contacts options. The "hamburger" on the top right only seems to give me email folders. I have a Samsung Galaxy 3.

  55. Hi, just downloaded and installed the app. The mail app crashes upon pressing "reply" to email. Phone is: Motorola Razr i Please check as the app itself is long awaited improvement I was looking for! An integration with android calendar/mail or dedicated widged would be great! Cheers!

  56. The app looks and works great. However, it does NOT sync with my web-based Zoho. In the web version, I have a "Receipts" label. The iOS app has the receipts label but does not show any emails with that label. Same thing with all the other labels. If I take an action with an email in the iOS version, it does not reflect in the web version. Essentially, I now have 2 completely independent email clients. This makes on or the other useless. Finally, the app (and web) needs a global search. Right now, I have to search twice (inbox and archive) to find something. This is pretty painful when in a rush. Most painful is the lack of threading. Not showing my responses inline with the received emails is just crazy. Now, I may have to search 3 places to find everything - Inbox, Archive, and sent.

  57. I love the new app, how responsive it is and how pretty it looks. Wonderful, thank you! The only thing I'm missing, which seems a little odd to me, is the ability to add more than one email account. If you add that, it'll be perfect. Overall: beautiful, thank you! N

  58. Is there any chance of porting to the Kindle HD Andriod variant and putting it in the Kindle App Store? That would make a part of my life so much easier, and I'm sure it's the same for many others too. Cheers, Doug.

  59. That's great, but Zoho mail works on iPhone and Android, and a stand-alone app means that the calendar and contacts won't integrate with other apps. There is even a solution that works on a PC. Where Zoho doesn't work is on a Mac, due to the lack of CalDAV and CardDAV support. THAT'S where an app is needed. Supporting CalDAV and CardDAV would, on the surface, appear to be a far simpler solution than writing a whole app, especially when writing an app means that, unless you support other mail protocols, users would again be stuck with different apps for each email address they have. This appears to not be the case, since it has taken three years and still no CalDAV or CardDAV.

  60. Sounds good. Now for the Windows Phone app. I really don't know how to express this frustration, but too many developers seem to forget that there is more that just Apple and Android. When can we expect the Windows Phone version?

  61. @ Rohan Thanks for your reply. I have removed the Authtokens but still I am getting the error message. please help me how to fix it.

  62. Wow. At last Zoho Mail got the official mail app. I was waiting for this for a long time. And the app is nice. I liked the different fonts, especially Exo2 font. Sweet. Thanks :-)

  63. We sign all of our customers up with Zoho and would love to have the ability for multiple accounts...or switch between accounts. Great app would be even better with this feature. Please make this the # 1 Request for the next update. Thanks

  64. Great news. Nice application, well done! The obvious question: Why not and darker theme for Android? I have the same qualm with the web version I never use because of this. It strains the eyes to much.

  65. Contacts are contained within the app. Would be nice to have them on the native "contacts app" of the android phone so I can see all my contacts in one place. ie facebook, linkedin and gmail contacts I use I can see all in one place with the ability to merge.

  66. I had already been using this app for last two weeks, and it is really awesome. It even sync the mail signature that gmail doesn't do. Keep it up Zoho Team..

  67. @Arfater Go on to accounts.zoho.com and select Settings -> Active authtokens and remove the authtokens, by selecting the remove button and then try signing into the app. Authtokens displays the number of sessions which you have signed into. Removing them will do the trick for you. You will be able to sign into the app after doing so. We have an upper limit of 10 authtokens per account. If you have a slot less than 10 tokens you will be able to access the app. You can remove anything above this number starting from the oldest.

  68. Hi, that's really great news! . Something I am facing problem on log in to my Zoho mail account on my side . When I am trying to log in there is a alert massage that --" Exceed maximum allowed sessions. please try to close inactive sessions from accounts.zoho" . Could you please help me to fix it. Thanks.

  69. Great job! Much appreciated! This is a really nice app for a version 1.0, if it is anything like your Writer app I know that we can expect rapid iteration. Would love to see a tablet layout for Android.

  70. WHY does Google Play Store show "This app is incompatible with all of your devices"? I have Nexus 7 (2012) with newest KitKat 4.4.4 and Kyocera C5120 with Gingerbread 2.4.4, both of which are newer than the 2.3.3 minimum requirement for the App. Is there a way to "override" and force it to install, or is there some flag you use in the Play Store to decide which devices it can install on?

  71. Please, release a function to show e-mails with conversation style, like Gmail does. Also, after synchronize e-mails it doesn't show/indicate on inbox the emails that already was replied.

  72. Great App. Is it possible to add multiple Accounts? I'm working in several companies that use Zoho Mail. The only way I currently see is to add a POP3-Account in the primary account. But this is not nice, because it won't affect reorganizing in the origin mail account. Is there a way to add more than one Zoho Mail Accounts?

  73. Wow....that's all I can say guys. Version 1.0 and you didn't just give us a native email app; you also gave us native calendar, contacts, and files. Amazing! Great work!

  74. I'm very happy for this announcement and I just install app and play with. But, I noticed that I must save each mail if I want offline access. There is anyway for setup app for save offline all mails (or at least all mails in one folder) like others mail apps do?

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