Zoho Mail receives Virus Bulletin's prestigious VBSpam Award

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How many times do you have to mark an email like that as spam every day so you can get to the emails that actually need your attention? At Zoho Mail, our aim has always been to bring this number as close to zero as possible. To keep the promise we made to ourselves, we've undergone years of tuning and continuous enhancements based on user feedback, bringing Zoho Mail's spam control mechanism to where it stands today: among the best in the business.

Needless to say, though, spammers keep coming up with more sophisticated and complex ways to trick users with new kinds of spam, and the threat they pose has only been increasing. Ever since the advent of remote work, spammers have recognized a rising opportunity for phishing and brand impersonation, leading to serious data breaches through supply chain attacks. Additionally, ransomware as a service has seen a boom, and spammers are beginning to target mid-sized organizations.

What do we do to combat spam?

To counter spam attacks and to ensure that your mailbox is protected from all kinds of spam, Zoho Mail employs a multi-layered spam control strategy. Spam is filtered based on the email's source and content and is continually checked even after the email reaches the user's mailbox. This strategy protects your email accounts from many malicious threats, such as spam, phishing, spear phishing, malware, viruses, ransomware, business email compromise and spoofing. Additionally, with datacenters in multiple geolocations, Zoho Mail helps meet data residency requirements, making it an ideal choice for the millions of users who look for a secure, compliant, and productive emailing experience.

What can you do to reduce spam?

Out of all the emails that Zoho Mail's servers encounter, a shocking 70% are classified as spam. One thing we do to minimize spam is give control to email administrators; after all, they understand their organization's needs best. Zoho Mail's Admin Console has multiple spam control settings to let admins customize their spam filters. From setting up customized allow and block lists to choosing how to handle possible spoofing or phishing emails, admins can do it all to ensure top-notch email security for their organization's users.

Zoho Mail receives recognition for its spam control

Our users have lauded us for years for our efficient spam control. Taking encouragement from this, we took part in Q1 2022's VBSpam certification from Virus Bulletin—a world-renowned independent testing and certification body, active in testing, reviewing, and benchmarking security solutions for over 20 years. We take great pleasure in announcing that we passed the certification with an impressive final score of 99.57 out of 100. As a testament to the hard work we've put in to enhance our spam filters, we've also received the VBSpam Award! Head over to the Virus Bulletin Report for more details about the metrics used for the spam test and a breakdown of our score—including our spam catch rate, malware catch rate, phishing catch rate, and more.

We'd like to thank all our users for the amazing support and feedback they've provided over the years and for helping us along our journey towards offering a safe, secure, and enjoyable emailing experience. If you've not tried Zoho Mail yet, the 16 million users who trust us with their email security stand as proof that you can trust us with your emails, too. Sign up today!


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  1. *******Zoho Mail receives Virus Bulletin’s prestigious VBSpam Award******* Really Zoho deserve for it. """""May God Bless Zoho Team abundan

  2. Been using your free and premium version for my customers and myself. Your services are perfect not only for spam detection, also for deliverability, stability and user-friendliness interface. As a developer I appreciate the time that I gain with your Single-Page-Application implementation and your responsibility on different matters gives me and my customers the sense of security and trust on your services.

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