Zoho Mail & Zoho Business client-side integration gearing up

Up until last update of Zoho Mail, most of the work on integrating Zoho Mail with Zoho Business was at the server side. Because of this, you wouldn’t have had the chance to see what we’ve been doing behind the scenes. Now, its high time for you to watch the integration happening right in front of your eyes. Yes, in the forth coming week starting from March 5, 2008, we’ve scheduled a few updates that are much of client-side. With these updates, we’ll be integrating Tasks, Notes and Links of Zoho Mail with Zoho Business.

We know most of you are using Zoho Mail everyday for your personal and official emails. To provide you an uninterrupted email service, we’ve taken appropriate measure to perform these updates without any downtime. During this period, you’ll not be able to add, edit or delete tasks, notes and links in Zoho Mail. However, you can do the same from Zoho Business. Once this update is done, you’ll find a centralized common Tasks, Notes and Links in Zoho Mail and Zoho Business.

We greatly appreciate your patience and co-operation!


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