Zoho Marketing Plus in 2023: Let's recap!

Zoho Marketing Plus in 2023. Let's Recap

We hope your business had a great 2023! Let's take a moment to look back and see how 2023 went for Zoho Marketing Plus, and what we improved and added to the platform to help you enhance your marketing and deliver better customer experiences across touchpoints.

Key updates of Marketing Plus in 2023  

Manage your marketing budgets efficiently   

This year, we introduced Budget Board, a specially designed space in Marketing Plus where marketing teams can establish budgets for individual brands or projects, log all marketing expenditures, analyze expenses, and make more informed, data-driven decisions to generate optimal returns from all marketing campaigns.

Marketing projects got even better 

With enhancements like search and sort, you can locate and access your projects instantly by entering simple keywords. Assign a distinct colour to each project to the group and prioritize the campaigns that are critical for your business.

AI-backed product recommendations in ecommerce emails 

When you integrate your ecommerce platforms—such as Shopify, Zoho Commerce, or others—with Marketing Plus, our artificial intelligence-driven system analyzes your customers' shopping history and store interactions. This enables Marketing Plus to generate customer-specific product recommendations and seamlessly incorporate them into your emails.

Track all your social media interactions in one place  

In 2023, we introduced Inbox, which enables you to track interactions like messages, comments, and mentions across different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, X, and more. Inbox offers a unified interface for both you and your team, simplifies the management, organization, and assignment of cross-channel communications in one central location, and enables you to respond swiftly to your audience.

Webinars just got bigger and better 

With Marketing Plus, you can host a webinar for up to 5,000 attendees and actively engage with them during a single event. You can also now chat and share files seamlessly between organizers and co-organizers, ensuring your webinars run smoothly while you coordinate with your team members in real-time on the backend.

Add a more personal touch to your events 

With Marketing Plus, you can set a redemption level for invited guests using exclusive promo codes for ticket purchases, set unique redemption details, track individual redemption amounts, and establish maximum limits for each guest. Export the promo code list to download all the redemption information you need.

Our customers love for Marketing Plus 

This year, users of our Zoho marketing suite have sent over eight billion emails to stay in touch with their customers.

You've contributed to over six million posts published across social media, engaging with netizens on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, X, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, and more.

You've conducted over 86,478 webinars and 500,000 events, closing the distance to your customers via online media.

You've created 1,18,867 marketing workflows and automated over 500 marketing tasks, saving thousands of work hours that would otherwise be spent on mundane tasks.

Of the marketing campaigns our users have created, 65% are focused on brand awareness, 30% on lead generation, and the remainder consists of a mix of user education, customer retention, and increasing market share.

On average, an organization has two brands, each creating at least 15 marketing projects per year.

Our favorite shoutouts in 2023 

We use Zoho's marketing platform to coordinate daily activities, which include scheduling social media posts, creating surveys, running campaigns, and checking reports, to name a few. Needless to say, there's a lot going on simultaneously. With access to such an array of tools, working together and sharing data seamlessly under one roof, I'm able to do more with more, but in much less time and at significantly better value than the other products around.

- Mackenzie Baron, Marketing Coordinator, Data Tech

As the business owner of a digital marketing startup, Zoho's platform has enabled us to scale quickly in an extremely competitive industry. Over the past two years, we've successfully onboarded new clients, hired employees, and established an effective and consistent marketing strategy—none of which would be possible without Zoho's marketing platform. For us, it's the platform's significant capabilities, flexibility, and affordability that have facilitated our business's growth and allowed us to achieve countless milestones in such a short period of time.

- Mikayla Reid, Owner, Mimi Marketing

We loved meeting you 

At Zoho, we've always wanted to connect with our customers, listen to your needs, and build what you need to enhance your business and help you achieve your goals.

To fulfil this commitment, we organize Zoholics, an annual event we hold in different countries and cities. During Zoholics, we come to your location to meet you, hear you, and help you.

Our product experts meet with each of you, gain insights into your business, and provide assistance to help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

Here are some glimpses from Zoholics in 2023 

At most Zoholics events, we have experience centres where you can meet our product experts from the marketing suite. They can guide you in choosing the right marketing platform for your business, support your implementation, answer all your questions, and suggest best practices to improve your marketing performance—enabling you to reach your goals faster.

If you haven't attended Zoholics yet, don't miss the opportunity to join us in 2024.

We will continue to work on improving the platform with new features and enhancements in 2024. Together, the sky is the limit.

We hope you've tried some of these 2023 updates and would love to hear what you think about them.

Want to learn more or new to Marketing Plus? Register for our free webinar here.

On behalf of  Marketing Plus team, we wish you a prosperous 2024 for you and your business! We hope to see you soon and thank you for your business🎉


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