Kick-start your holiday campaigns using Zoho One

In recent years, consumer behavior has shifted away from walk-in purchases and more towards online shopping and ecommerce. As many channels have evolved to better suit and promote online shopping habits, adopting omnichannel marketing practices in your business is crucial for success, as 73% of consumers prefer shopping through various online channels.

Businesses globally have leveraged omnichannel marketing to push their seasonal sale campaigns. A Google's study revealed that 42% of holiday shoppers across various markets found it easier when the option to shop both online and offline was available.

Boost and optimize your holiday sales using Zoho One

Showcase your business with a digital front

Having an online store or webpage for your business drives traffic, provides visibility, and enables more potentials to discover your business. Optimizing and making your online stores compatible with all devices can also boost your overall sales and customer satisfaction, as 71% of all retail website visits and orders made in 2023 were by mobile users.

Generate landing pages for all your campaigns

With 86% of consumers surveyed across markets claiming online sources help them make informed shopping decisions, it's clear that consumer education through landing pages and articles can boost conversions. Each marketing campaign requires its own set of landing pages for various reasons, such as customer education, A/B testing, and campaign promotions. You can create and manage landing pages for all your campaigns without draining creative resources using Zoho Landing Page.

Track real-time website metrics

Track how people are using your website via Zoho PageSense. Gain deep insights into website performance and user behavior, and personalize customer experiences with data-driven optimization. Over 70% of customers shopping online prefer that companies provide personalized experiences (with personalized product recommendations boosting conversion rates by 12%).

Integrate chatbots into your websites

A customer's engagement with your ecommerce business starts as early as their first visit to your website. You can engage with visitors using chatbots via Zoho SalesIQ, set up automated triggers based on usage, sync visitor data to your CRM, and send them targeted emails and newsletters. Using chatbots can vastly increase customer engagement and issue resolution times, chatbots have become a standard for online shopping, with 69% of consumers preferring to use chatbots to receive instant responses.

Thrive on social media platforms

Social media has proven to be a viral sales and product discovery hub, with 87% of Instagram users stating they had discovered a new product or service through the platform. Use Zoho Social to reach the right audience at the right time to influence purchase decisions and fuel sales. Social helps you track brand reviews, @mentions, and relevant keywords in real time, and acts as a unified dashboard to manage all interactions and engage with your audience concurrently.

Breathe life into your email campaigns

After populating your email list through various channels, use Zoho Campaigns to push email campaigns to prospects to showcase your product or service. Create interactive designs and personalized email messages, send emails directly to inboxes, deploy automated workflows, and nurture your leads. If you've purchased a website in the past, create a custom email for your brand using your existing domain through Zoho Mail, which makes outbound marketing more credible, increases open rates and customer retention.

Monitor all your metrics from one place

Having an unified dashboard to monitor your campaign data across email, social media, and your website is essential for omnichannel marketing. With Zoho Analytics, you can get an birds-eye view of all campaigns, analyze key metrics like open rates and conversions, and learn how each channel performs for better optimization.

Best practices to keep in mind 

➛ Setting actionable goals and establishing key performance metrics is essential to determine the success of a campaign.

➛ Defining your target audience by analyzing ideal customer profiles or buyer personas is crucial for personalizing content and workflows for each campaign.

➛ Running A/B tests can measure the performance of each variation of a campaign and identify the one with the most potential for conversions.

➛ Maintaining a content calendar to plan and schedule your social media posts for your audience is essential for building brand awareness and generating demand.

➛ Expressing your brand's core beliefs and demonstrating its benefits helps your brand stand out by enabling customers to connect with your mission and message.


Using Zoho One, you can digitalize your store, generate landing pages for all your campaigns, engage with website visitors using chatbots, monitor your webpage activity, leverage social media, plan email campaigns, and analyze all your marketing metrics—all from one unified dashboard. Position your service as the best gift this holiday season across all channels using Zoho One.


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