5 compelling reasons why you should track attendance online

Having a cloud-based attendance management system is a necessity, especially at a time when more and more organizations are starting to work remotely and in a hybrid manner. Relying on spreadsheets or physical registers is no longer sustainable. Here are five compelling reasons why every organization should mark their attendance online:

  1. It provides access to accurate attendance data because attendance is tracked online and the data is automatically documented without any manual intervention.

  1. It integrates easily with other leave, time, and payroll management solutions so that the required data can be fetched automatically, cutting down on double work.

  1. It saves a lot of time for your HR team by putting an end to paperwork, centralizing attendance data, and empowering employees to raise attendance regularization requests.

  1. It improves productivity by providing a clear idea about attendance patterns and helping managers get a bird's eye view of who's in and who's out to facilitate work allocation.

  1. It provides the highest level of security to the sensitive data associated with attendance management. Only employees with authorized permissions can access the data.

Read more about the five compelling reasons to adopt a cloud-based attendance tracking solution in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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