15 most popular Zoho CRM integrations of 2021

Out of the many Zoho CRM integrations available on Zoho Marketplace, here's the top 15 that have been a hit amongst Zoho users in 2021. As the year comes to a wrap, our wish is this—use these and many other integrations to power up your CRM game and head into 2022 stronger than ever.

#1 Zoho Sign for Zoho CRM

Send your Zoho CRM contacts documents to be signed, and get notified through SalesSignals every time a document is signed or rejected.

#2 Zoho Bookings for Zoho CRM

Schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments; access your calendar; and invite your staff to add their own schedules. You can also book meetings, rooms, and classes; view your appointment history; and maintain client details from within Zoho CRM.

#3 WhatsApp Web for Zoho CRM

Initiate and receive WhatsApp messages, pre-define message templates, and access your message history from within Zoho CRM. Send Bulk WhatsApp messages with attachments, automate WhatsApp messages with Zoho CRM workflows, and access Zoho CRM user information inside WhatsApp Web.

#4 SMS-Magic

This WhatsApp and SMS integration lets you engage with customers in the channel of their choice—be it from your Zoho window or your smartphone. Make contextual and time-sensitive communication with access to analytics like response rates, compliance, and delivery.

#5 Zoho WorkDrive for Zoho CRM

Allow users and staff to collaborate on client-related documents and files stored in WorkDrive, all from within Zoho CRM. Manage your files without having to navigate back to WorkDrive.

#6 Zoho ShowTime for Zoho CRM

Conduct online training sessions for your CRM leads and contacts and directly invite prospects from your leads. Interact with them in real time, gather insightful feedback, and build stronger customer relationships.

#7 Mailchimp

With this two-way sync, synchronize your Mailchimp campaigns and subscribers with your CRM account and get notified when a subscriber is added or removed. Likewise, migrate your CRM contacts to Mailchimp so that you can engage with them through email campaigns.

#8 Zoho Contracts for Zoho CRM

Work on contracts and contract templates by using the information available in CRM to auto-populate contracts. Contract administrators, legal users, and other customers can streamline the process of creating and maintaining contracts.

#9 SMS Smooth Messenger for Zoho CRM

Send templated SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp messages; drip campaigns; appointment reminders; and one-off messages from Zoho CRM. View replies instantly in your CRM and in your mobile app.

#10 Shopify for Zoho CRM

Easily sync customer, sales, and product data between your Shopify ecommerce store and Zoho CRM. This two-way sync also lets you keep track of Shopify customers as contacts in Zoho CRM along with their purchases and expenses.

#11 Google Drive

Collaborate with clients and customers on documents associated with their Zoho CRM records. Sales professionals can seamlessly sync, share, and manage files their Google Drive account.

#12 Facebook Adverts Manager

Analyze your Facebook Ad Campaign details from inside Zoho CRM. Use this extension to sync Facebook Adverts, Advert Sets, Campaigns, and Accounts with your Zoho CRM account.

#13 ClickSend SMS for Zoho CRM

This bi-directional text messaging extension allows users to send and receive SMS messages from Zoho CRM leads and contacts without logging in to the ClickSend platform. Easily reach your customers via SMS from within your Zoho CRM account.

#14 WhatsApp Business for Zoho CRM by Woztell

Give your sales, marketing, and customer success teams the ability to handle WhatsApp Business messages efficiently with multiple agents in a unified platform, automate repetitive messages, send campaigns, automate conversations with chatbots, create reports, and much more.

#15 Map Plotter for Zoho CRM

The Map Plotter extension for Zoho CRM uses geo-location information and helps you locate your leads and contacts in Zoho CRM. You can also identify leads and allocate them to your sales teams by area.

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