Zoho CRM 2018: Introducing Zia Voice, a conversational AI for sales teams and much more.

We’re quite excited today to unveil Zoho CRM 2018, our smartest release ever. We are bringing to the market multiple innovations, improvements and additions to Zoho CRM. If we were...

Zoho CRM 5 min read

How to choose the ultimate sales and support tool for your business

The problem: Every customer wants personalised engagement, while every business wants a cost-effective means of engagement. How do you find the middle ground?  Live chat is the...

Zoho SalesIQ 1 min read

Make your CRM implementation better with Blueprint

Your CRM success starts with your sales process. A process is only effective when it’s adhered to, and when you know how each part is...

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Zoho CRM through 2017

  See the complete list of all that was new in 2017 here. Please share anything you wish to in the comments below.

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Announcing SalesIQ’s integration with Sundown: Meet the unparalleled AI assistant for your website

Have you ever worried about the customers you may be losing in your off-hours? What would it be like if you could hire someone to take...

Zoho SalesIQ 2 min read

What Happens When Finance Meets Sales

The Zoho Finance – Zoho CRM integration first kicked a few years ago, with the sole purpose of providing sales and finance teams with an...

Finance Plus 3 min read

Automation leads to more human interaction. Paradox?

This is a guest blog by Pierce Buckley from babelforce, a global integration platform for communications. Pierce is a CX and Contact Center Expert who...

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The must-attend list of sales, marketing and developer conferences: Fall 2017

The Zoho CRM Team is going to be on the road this fall, and would love to see you at one of the following conferences....

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Zoho partners with LinkedIn to bring Sales Navigator to Zoho CRM

Twenty-eight percent of sales reps and business development professionals are using social selling tools 3-5 hours per week, with over 20% spending 5-10 hours per week. So if...

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Introducing Blueprint for Zoho CRM: The easiest way to do process automation

Sales leaders put time and effort into defining, planning, and setting up their sales process. But most of them stop there and don’t see if...

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