10 most requested apps of 2020

We aim to bring all your favourite tools on Zoho Marketplace to provide you with a seamless and unified work experience. We ensure your requests are heard and your feedback is taken seriously. Here's our compilation of the top 10 most requested apps of 2020. You demanded, we created.

Dropbox for Projects

Access files managed in your Dropbox account and associate them with their relevant project tasks, all from your Zoho Projects account.

OneNote for Zoho CRM

Enable the features of OneNote within Zoho CRM to quickly make a note whenever you talk to leads, contacts, deals, or internal employees. You can also attach additional media files or text files.

WhatsApp Integration for CRM

Initiate WhatsApp messages to records in the Contacts, Leads, Accounts, and Deals modules right from Zoho CRM. Predefine WhatsApp message templates with placeholders for module field so values can be filled in automatically.

Wrike for Zoho Mail

Create Wrike tasks from emails, view and edit tasks, and send and receive Wrike comments, all without leaving Zoho Mail. 

Harvest for Zoho Desk

Track all your different Harvest projects from Zoho Desk. With time entries sent to Zoho Desk, the extension makes it easy to bill your clients for the time spent on their tasks.

Todoist for Zoho Mail

Keep your projects team in sync with their daily tasks by integrating Todoist with Zoho Mail. Create, manage, and view projects directly from Zoho Mail. No more swapping between systems.

OneDrive for Zoho Projects

Access your OneDrive files from your Zoho Projects account and link the relevant documents or resources to your projects. 

Toggl for Zoho Projects

Keep track of how much time was spent on each task in a project using the Toggl Extension for Zoho Projects and optimize your business processes.

Shopify for Zoho Desk

Easily create tickets for Shopify customers and track their order information without leaving the Zoho Desk interface. Keep track of your new Shopify customers and update existing order tickets when customers modify or cancel their Shopify orders. 

Monday.com for Zoho Mail

Integrate monday.com with Zoho Mail to create items, change statuses, update assignees, and much more contextually while composing an email.

Work smarter by adding new capabilities to Zoho with business solutions from Zoho Marketplace. 


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