9 tips to boost sales for your business

Tips to boost sales

The success of your sales process depends on a finely-tuned workflow and tools that effectively identify desired leads and allow your agents to work efficiently. One such solution used to up your sales game is Zoho SalesIQ. In this blog, let’s discuss the top nine tips to boost sales using SalesIQ.

Tip 1: View only the desired leads  

Custom views to boost sales

With precision targeting, you’re saving time by using filters to avoid junk leads and instead focus on leads that are more likely to close a deal with you. In SalesIQ, you can use the Custom Views option to populate only the desired leads in your dashboard.

For example, if you operate a real estate business based in Los Angeles, you can populate visitors from the city in SalesIQ’s website visitor tracking dashboard prioritized based on their number of visits. You would also hide visitors from outside the city to give the operator a clear and uncluttered dashboard.

Tip 2: Score leads for faster lead nurturing

Nurturing leads can be one of the most tedious tasks to perform manually. To constantly check the visitors’ activity and identify the right time to perform a follow-up will be almost impossible to predict correctly. That’s why SalesIQ uses lead scoring to do all the work for you. You can set various conditions to score your visitors, and once the visitor reaches the provided score, you can perform a follow-up action.

For example: On an eCommerce website, you can add a score of 100 each time the visitor visits your pricing page and 200 when they add a product to their cart. Once the visitor reaches a score of 1000, you can set a trigger to send out some discount codes to improve sales.

Tip 3: Bring your CRM inside SalesIQ to manage sales effectively 

Widgets to boost sales

There’s nothing wrong with using multiple apps to track and manage your sales, but if you have to manually move across those apps to fill in data and view the required info, it becomes a tiresome process and can result in human errors. Having all your sales apps unified and interconnected is vital to providing seamless and efficient sales.

SalesIQ is tightly integrated with Zoho CRM, which means all your visitor information flows seamlessly across these apps without any manual effort. Using custom data widgets, you can also view your CRM contact info and manage ongoing deals right inside SalesIQ.

Tip 4: Schedule and export reports for consistent sales analysis  

Schedule and export sales reports

When you have rich and valuable customer data, it’s essential to share it with your analyst and sales teams periodically and securely. Using the schedule and export options in SalesIQ, you can easily automate and share a password-protected file with your team.

Tip 5: Auto-initiate conversation for better reach  

Allowing customers to contact you via live chat when they need help is great. But what’s even better is to break the ice and initiate friendly conversations with your visitors to promote your business. Using proactive chat triggers, SalesIQ lets you automate this engagement process and make it more effective by automatically reaching out to potentials based on the trigger rules you define.

Tip 6: Provide a personal touch with audio calls  

Connecting with a visitor via an audio call to propose deals or support them with their issues can increase the credibility of your brand and can also help you solve their issues much faster than text-based support. In SalesIQ, you have two methods to call the visitors. You can either call the visitors who are online using the in-chat audio call option or reach offline visitors who have provided their contact numbers using Telephony.

 Tip 7: Automate the sales process  with chatbots

Automate the sales with chatbots

Bots are the holy grail of automation. They’re powerful and can be designed to fit your business requirements. SalesIQ lets you set up twotypes of chatbots a resource-based Answer Bot for support and nifty bots for your business-specific functions. But having a bot that can perform complex functions will not necessarily result in an improved lead acquisition or conversation rate. You need a bot that understands the visitor and the conversation context to give them what they want, leading to better sales performance. Our article on codeless bot design shows you how to design a bot that responds based on visitors’ information and needs.

Tip 8:  Nudge mobile users with push notifications

Increase sales with push notification

It’s quite common for leads and prospects to forget about you if you don’t engage with them consistently. A push notification is one of the best ways to perform subtle and consistent engagement without being as intrusive as a cold email or call might be. SalesIQ‘s push notification feature is a great way to send exciting offers and discount codes to your mobile app users.

Tip 9: Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly find your way around SalesIQ 

Keyboard shortcuts enable you to avoid navigating between multiple sections and switching tabs. Here are a few of our favorite keyboard shortcuts for navigating your way around SalesIQ faster:

  • Shift + C: Jump straight to your ongoing conversation

  • SPACE: Instantly search for contacts or conversations

  • Alt/Option + Enter: Immediately pick up incoming chats

  • Shift + N: Quickly add a note to conversations, leads, contacts, and companies

  • F: Share a file from your computer

  • >: Transfer the ongoing chat to another operator or department

We believe that these tips can bring you a measurable amount of difference in your sales performance. But have you ever felt like you have no luck with all the customers you engage with? No worries, we’ve also curated a guide on building an effective customer engagement strategy to help your customer engagement.


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