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Nowadays, customers expect quick responses to their inquiries. Almost every customer that comes to you hopes their problem will be addressed and resolved in minutes, if not seconds. Those crucial moments impact customer satisfaction and your brand reputation. Though customer support agents may work quickly, they must often navigate through a few different applications to diagnose and resolve issues. This time-consuming process could be evaded with the help of SalesIQ.

With SalesIQ, agents can see all the necessary information about a customer from a single dashboard. Read on to learn how SalesIQ can boost your agents’ productivity.

Zylker: the E-commerce store

Let’s consider a conceptual use case to understand the benefits of having all relevant data in one place.

Patricia is a support executive at Zylker, an online clothing store. She assists her customers throughout the day, but during peak hours, she finds it difficult to manage the high number of support tickets. Sometimes, she needs more information about the customer before resolving issues, which requires her to navigate to other applications. This can take up more time than expected, leaving customers frustrated.

How does SalesIQ help Patricia?

With widgets, Patricia can automatically populate her dashboard with all relevant customer data, including previous chat conversations and site activity. This provides her with key insights and allows her to assist customers effectively.

Plus, she can integrate SalesIQ with other Zoho products, including Zoho Desk, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Campaigns. This enables the built-in widgets and further allows her to fetch information and perform actions like scheduling a mailer or creating a ticket.

What else can Patricia do with widgets?

Patricia can customize her dashboard based on her requirements. For example, perhaps there is a customer ticket regarding a payment failure. Patricia can immediately look up the customer’s details from the CRM widget and see if they’ve faced a similar issue in the past by skimming through their ticket history in the Desk widget. This vastly reduces the MTTR and makes it so that she can quickly move on to other customers in the queue. She can also build a custom widget with specific layouts and functionalities and integrate it with a third-party application to fetch customer order history.

Thanks to SalesIQ, Patricia can work three times faster. With all the necessary information at her fingertips, she can respond to her customers within a matter of seconds. Her customer feedback is excellent, and her productivity has gone through the roof!

We want to help your agents achieve the same great outcomes. We are organizing a webinar to help our users learn more about widgets, and you can book your spot here. For additional information, you may also view our help guide.

As we continue to enhance agent productivity and improve customer experiences, we’re curious about how you use widgets and your favorite SalesIQ features. Feel free to share with us in the comments below!



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