Transforming customer relations management with digital signatures and Zoho Sign

Today, nearly every company uses customer relationship management (CRM) software for their sales and marketing operations. From tracing a lead to tracking a sale's progress, every customer interaction can be done with CRM software.

CRM with Zoho Sign

One of the biggest advantages of CRM software is that data stored in the system is available to the entire organization. A CRM tool not only traces customer journeys but also helps users understand the customer better. Marketing teams use the data collected to run contextual campaigns, generate better traffic, and scale up the business. Through personalization and custom marketing, companies can nurture customer relationships.

 It's highly beneficial to integrate CRM software with digital signature solutions.

While many companies use CRM software, not many have adopted electronic signature software. Electronic signatures allow companies to get important documents, such as sales contracts, signed easily, quickly, and securely. Signers don't have to be physically present, and the hassle of sending documents manually can be avoided. Plus, signers are asked to provide an additional layer of identity authentication for added security.

 In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at Zoho Sign's integration with some of the leading CRM platforms in the industry today:

  1. Zoho CRM
  2. Hubspot
  3. Pipedrive
  4. Vtiger CRM

Zoho Sign + Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is Zoho's flagship customer relationship management software. With the Zoho Sign extension for Zoho CRM, you can send documents for signature to any contact stored in your CRM directly from the application. This also extends to Zoho CRM's other features, such as mail merge and inventory templates, where you can use the CRM data to send out customized documents for signing.

 Key features

  • Mail merge templates can help you send the same documents to multiple customers with different names and addresses.
  • Inventory templates help you send quotes and sales orders to different vendors for signing.
  • Brand your documents by adding logos, images, copyright symbols, and email addresses.
  • Create personalized templates and reuse them to save time and effort.Add multiple signature slots to a document and send it to different recipients simultaneously.
  • Configure workflows to send documents on a fixed date.Define the order and conditions for approvals. 

Zoho Sign + Vtiger CRM

Another popular Zoho Sign integration is with the Vtiger CRM. You can digitally sign documents with Zoho Sign right from Vtiger CRM.

As a Zoho Sign is a secure, cloud-based platform for businesses, you can safely send paperwork like quotes, invoices, and contracts out for signature and approvals, as well as track your documents directly from the CRM.

 Key features

  • Configure workflows to send documents on a fixed date.
  • Define the order and conditions for approvals.
  • Track your documents at every step and monitor the approval process.
  • Send and store backup copies of the documents via email.

Zoho CRM + Pipedrive

The Zoho Sign extension for Pipedrive helps businesses around the world speed up sales paperwork processing with dynamic and seamless e-signature workflows. Integrate Zoho Sign with your Pipedrive account to manage your documents and track their progress directly from the Pipedrive platform.

Key features

  • Send a Zoho Sign template to Pipedrive deals, contacts, or organization email ID.
  • Upload Pipedrive documents to Zoho Sign.
  • Track document status in Pipedrive panel.

Zoho Sign + HubSpot

With the Zoho Sign extension for HubSpot, users can sign, send, and manage frequently-used sales documents like NDAs, sales agreements, and invoices directly from HubSpot. Sales teams can also track the status of these documents without having to leave their HubSpot account.

 Key features

  • Zoho Sign CRM card view.
  • Send documents and collect signatures directly from HubSpot.
  •  Level up your CRM by integrating with Zoho Sign

We all know that a great CRM tool can boost sales, but taking this a step further and integrating your CRM with a digital signature solution instantly increases efficiency, reduces document turnaround time, and ensures high-level security for all your agreements.

Check out how Zoho Sign's integration with your CRM software can help you scale up your business today.

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