10 fastest growing apps of 2021

In 2021, 10 top-performing extensions in Zoho Marketplace with a significant rise in installs caught our eye. These are apps that saw a good growth in the number of installations compared to 2020.

Here are our stellar performers for the year 2021:

#1 Mail Merge for Zoho Mail

Send emails to a group of users with each email customized for the corresponding recipient. Use email templates and an uploaded source file to send a batch of emails that are customized based on the recipient's information.

#2  Twemoji for Zoho Show

Add and customize emojis in your online presentations without switching between apps. Communicate feelings visually that can be difficult to convey with just words.

#3 IndiaMart Extension for Zoho CRM

Automatically update new lead data from IndiaMart into your Zoho CRM leads module to help your sales representatives focus more on closing leads.

#4 WhatsApp Hub for Zoho CRM

Record all messages sent to and received from your customers on WhatsApp. Automate messages, and register new leads in Zoho CRM upon receiving the first message from a new customer.

#5 WhatsApp and Instagram integration by Wazzup for Zoho CRM

Integrate WhatsApp and Instagram with Zoho CRM so that you can interact with clients on the platform of their choice. All messages are stored in the records for your contact or the deal.

#6 Dropbox for Zoho Projects

Access your Dropbox files from within Zoho Projects and associate them with your relevant project tasks. Easily disassociate a file whenever it is not needed.

#7 DeDupe for Zoho CRM

Get your Zoho CRM data in order with DeDupe. Clean up your CRM database, merge duplicate records, and index all major fields in your Contacts and Accounts modules.

#8 Microsoft Exchange for Zoho CRM

Integrate contacts, tasks, emails, and events from Microsoft Exchange with Zoho CRM. Manage your schedules and meetings with team members by analyzing their availability.

#9 RingCentral SMS for Zoho CRM

Send and receive messages between all your leads/contacts/accounts using your RingCentral phone numbers. Maintain an overall record of your text logs.

#10 Map Plotter for Zoho CRM

Locate your leads and contacts in Zoho CRM using geo-location information. Plan and monitor your sales campaigns based on region, and help your executives make critical decisions on improving your marketing and sales campaigns.

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