ProTips: 3 ways to bring in high-quality leads

This is a guest post by JotForm.

Gathering high-quality leads to convert into paying customers isn’t the easiest thing to do. From spambots to poorly created lead generation forms, many things in the pipeline can go wrong if your sales team isn’t careful.

But don't worry: we’ve put together three easy ways to optimize your lead generation strategy and get high-quality leads every time.

ProTip 1: Work closely with your marketing team

Two teams are better than one, especially when your teams have a lot to gain from one another. Sales and marketing teams are a great example of this type of collaboration. For instance, marketing is a rich resource for sales, since marketing can help craft buyer personas and develop a strategy for getting the most leads possible.

Marketing teams understand the effectiveness of an organization’s paid vs. owned channels and can help decide when and where sales promotions and lead generation forms should be placed.

At JotForm, our sales and marketing teams work together closely, and this has proven to be a huge success. If the sales team needs to do an Enterprise push, they will reach out to our marketing team for assistance with direct email campaigns, newsletters, social media posts, and more to obtain their lead generation goals.

Having your sales and marketing teams work closely together will help position your product or service in the best possible light, which brings in high-quality leads and increases your bottom line.

ProTip 2: Use a customizable online form

Another key component of collecting top-notch leads is to use a robust, customizable online form. These forms, such as the ones you can create with JotForm, are the gateway between someone just browsing your site and becoming a lead. That said, it’s important to make sure your form is built well and resonates with prospects.

When constructing your form, keep it short and sweet—fewer questions mean a higher likelihood that someone will fill it out to completion.

It’s vital to include your company’s logo and branding on the form as well as anything else that represents your company’s identity, such as specific colors and images. Doing this will create extra brand awareness for your prospects.

Additionally, be sure to offer an incentive so respondents are excited to complete your form and speak with you about the product or service. For example, you can offer a free gift card to a coffee shop or a free trial of the product.

Last, a great way to ensure that your form will appeal to your target audience is to do an A/B test. Create and test different types of forms to see which one has more completions and less drop-off.

ProTip 3: Create an airtight workflow

Once your JotForm lead generation form is optimized and ready to collect leads, it’s time to simplify your workflow.

A great place to start is by connecting JotForm with Zoho CRM. Syncing these powerful tools together will streamline your workflow by automatically sending form submissions into your Zoho CRM account. Better yet, you can set up notifications in your JotForm account to immediately alert you when a submission is received. This helps your sales teams act fast when a lead rolls in.

JotForm makes it easy to collect lead information, while Zoho CRM takes care of organizing, managing, and tracking the information, so you can spend less time on tedious data entry and more time closing deals.

With JotForm and Zoho CRM, your sales team can create a lead generation engine to quickly gather and pick out the leads that matter most.

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