4 ways your telephony and CRM systems can work together to benefit your business

This is a guest post by Servetel.

Customers today expect customized experiences, personalized to fit their needs. They expect you to know who you’re targeting and why. Even with contact centers, customers want agents to know their names, past purchases, and preferences before answering their questions.

However, the million-dollar question here is, "How can you deliver such frictionless personalized experiences without emptying your wallet?"

It's simple: When you integrate your CRM software with your cloud telephony system, you can instantly identify your caller and see all their relevant details without having to manually search for this information before or during the call. Integrating these two systems unlocks a multitude of benefits that allow you to deliver a personalized customer experience.

Here’s how integrating a cloud telephony system like Servetel and Zoho CRM can benefit your business.

1. Improved lead management system

Want more leads? Or better yet, more conversions? Adding a lead management system to your contact center can greatly improve not only the number of incoming leads but also the quality of these leads.

Additionally, this integration allows you to instantly get all the necessary customer details for your incoming and outgoing calls. These details include call logs, conversations with the caller, duration of calls, etc. The integration also pulls up a business card for each caller and gives the agent information like contact number, lead owner, email, and lead status.

Put simply, when your agents can instantly get deeper insights into the customers they're interacting with, they can build better relationships and improve your conversion rates.

2. Enhanced employee productivity

Integrating cloud telephony with a CRM system improves employee productivity by automating repetitive tasks, allowing your agents to focus on more important calls.

The click-to-call feature reduces call handling time by allowing agents to call directly from the CRM with a single click. They no longer have to shift from the CRM to the phone to make or receive calls. You can also use the call recordings to easily train your new recruits and make them familiar with your customer support methods.

3. Actionable insights from call monitoring

The Servetel extension for Zoho CRM offers one of the most valuable advantages for businesses: call monitoring in real-time. You can monitor every agent on a call, listen to their conversations, and even pitch in using the call whispering and call barging feature if needed.

You can also easily customize your dashboard to monitor your sales cycle, the average call duration, the number of missed calls, first call resolution, and other such metrics for better business operations.

In a nutshell, this powerful integration provides actionable intelligence and data-driven reports to enhance your conversion rate.

4. Better visibility and sales

After successfully integrating Servetel with Zoho CRM, you don’t need to search for data in separate places. Call details can be added to unique tickets, so everything is in one place and readily available. You can even generate reports using this caller information for improved visibility and insights.

Tracking follow-up activity details also helps ensure that all the needs of the caller are being taken care of.

When the corresponding agent to a customer is unavailable, this integration makes it easier for other employees to access the stored information and deliver a seamless customer experience.

This leads to better customer retention and therefore sales.


This dynamic integration of Servetel and Zoho CRM certainly checks all the boxes for a feature-rich business communication solution. It holds the promising potential to elevate your sales and attract more profit, helping you deliver exceptional customer experience by providing in-depth customer insights.

In this information age, using the Servetel and Zoho CRM integration to streamline data management tools is the perfect way to drive your business success.

Try Servetel for Zoho CRM for your smart business communication.

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