Virtual exhibitor management—now on Zoho Backstage

Hosting virtual tradeshows with Zoho Backstage

When virtual events became popular last year, many people liked them for many things. Some enjoyed the convenience of planning (and attending) from their couches while others appreciated their sustainability and cost-efficiency. Everyone (but especially stakeholders) liked the extra reach and analytics that were readily available with virtual events.

Here’s where Zoho Backstage’s virtual booths come in—you can now add more breadth to your regular virtual events by giving sponsors and exhibitors an online space to reach attendees.

Whether you’re just looking to host exhibitors at your virtual event or planning a full-scale virtual tradeshow—we’ve got everything covered.

How Zoho Backstage supports event organizers

 For a start, we’ll be adding a page titled “Exhibitors” to your event website. All the booth categories you set will be displayed here along with a fully-customized form that interested parties are invited to fill out to exhibit at the event.

You can use this page to tell people what they’d get by exhibiting at your event, highlight testimonials from previous exhibitors, and more.

Expo management in Backstage
Managing exhibitors with Zoho Backstage

Once you confirm the exhibitors for your event, you can set them up with a virtual booth and provide them exhibitor passes they can use to access the booth on the event day. You can also set aside a specific booth category for sponsors. These booths can then be used to incentivize sponsors to partner with you for the event.

Leading up to the event day, you’ll also be shown in-depth reports on the sales of your booths and the revenue generated for each booth category.

Exhibitor analytics in Zoho Backstage
Exhibitor analytics in Zoho Backstage

How Zoho Backstage supports event exhibitors

Moving to exhibitors—they’ll be given a virtual booth where they can feature videos and brochures relating to their product or service. The number of exhibitor passes, videos, and other collateral is customizable and will vary for each booth category. In addition, if an attendee wishes, they can share their contact details with an exhibitor even before the event.

During the event, exhibitors can meet with interested attendees for one-on-one or group conversations. Also, when booth traffic increases, each member of the exhibitor's team can split up and host meetings with different attendees to stay efficient and save time.

Virtual booths in Zoho Backstage
Virtual booths in Zoho Backstage

Exhibitors will also be provided with real-time reports so they can get a better understanding of how their booth is performing.

We’re super excited about this feature and can’t wait to hear what you think about it. Have questions? Comments? Want a demo? Write to us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Let’s connect on social? Find us on Twitter @ZohoBackstage.


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