WorkDrive highlights from 2021

As we come to the end of 2021, we're taking a look back at our year with WorkDrive. Our focus for this year was to ensure we widened WorkDrive's capabilities while building a more robust platform to help teams organize their work and collaborate better. With these goals in mind, we're pleased to say our work this year has resulted in an improved WorkDrive for our users. Thanks for joining us on our 2021 journey with WorkDrive!

Here's a compilation of all the features that we released this year:

It's crucial for teams to have the freedom to share information and collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders without having to compromise on data security. To make this process safer and more straightforward, we introduced:

Email sharing: WorkDrive offers a secure way to send files and collaborate with external users. Directly share files and folders with an email address and assign permissions based on what you want them to do.

Explore WorkDrive's file sharing options.

Client Users: Working with clients and contract employees doesn't have to be complicated. Temporarily invite clients or guest users to WorkDrive and give them customized access to the files they need.

Collect Files: We introduced a secure way to request documents from anyone: Collect Files. Create custom upload links, choose a folder location to organize uploaded files, set deadlines for submissions, and more using Zoho WorkDrive.

We often find ourselves investing time in mundane tasks which reduces the overall work efficiency. To tackle this we added:

Template library: Build a consistent branding kit for your organization's teams to use. Whether it's for a sales deck or invoice and order forms, create team and organization-wide templates to save time and ensure consistency in formatting and design.

Genie app for Windows: Looking for ways to optimize your desktop storage? Try the Genie app to edit files stored in your WorkDrive using the native apps on your computer without having to download and re-upload the files every time. This will also eliminate duplicate files in your local storage.

Follow updates:Enable notifications to see when changes are made to a specific file or a folder stored within WorkDrive. You can enable the bell notification in WorkDrive, email updates, or both.

In addition to these updates, we also introduced some enhancements at the admin console level to help admins align their WorkDrive accounts based on their company policies.

My Folder restrictions: Restrict team members from using up the storage or sharing files externally from their My Folder space.

Device management: Mitigate the risk of data breaches if an employee's device is lost or stolen. View, monitor, and manage every organization member's devices connected with their WorkDrive account. You can disconnect or remotely wipe the data from a specific device at any point.

Custom domain: Keep your brand identity consistent with WorkDrive's custom options. Organizations can customize their WorkDrive account URL, document URL, external share links, and download links to reflect their brand name.

Protect your business data: As a step towards preventing data loss, you can choose to restrict your team from syncing company files on their devices. Simply disable the WorkDrive desktop and mobiles apps when you don't want your employees accessing work files from any device except the web.

WorkDrive is now fully HIPPA compliant, enabling businesses in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and insurance industries to securely manage their medical records with WorkDrive.

To continue improving your collaboration and file storage experience,we have integrated WorkDrive with two Zoho apps: Zoho Projects and Marketing Plus. This means you can access your WorkDrive from within each of these apps and manage your project files and marketing collateral without shifting to another application.

Additionally, we have enabled WorkDrive for all Workplace users as well.

And that's a wrap! We hope to come back with more such compelling feature enhancements next year.

Until then, take care and have a joy-filled holiday season.


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