5 tips for using multichannel messaging to drive revenue

This is a guest post by SMS-Magic.

Understanding when and how to talk to your customers plays an important role in your business. The expectation for personalized brand communications and experiences is high and a bad communication experience might quickly send them looking to your competitors.

With a multi-channel messaging strategy, you’ll be able to ensure positive customer interactions across many platforms including text messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Here are 5 tips for getting started in implementing a multichannel messaging strategy to increase leads, boost response rates, strengthen customer relationships and drive revenue.

ProTip 1: Track users and their activity

Many businesses are tuned into the benefits of multichannel messaging and are starting to use it to interact with their customers. But not every company is tracking things as closely as they could. Collecting customer data before deploying your campaigns is important in understanding their activities and behaviors.

Benefit: By better understanding your customers you’ll be able to create thoughtful and impactful messaging campaigns.

ProTip 2: Automate multichannel drip campaigns

Drip campaigns are a great way to introduce your company or product and ensure consistent follow-up. These campaigns often focus on targeted timelines or behavioral triggers to engage users and try to move the conversation forward. But, if you’re doing everything manually, it can become incredibly tedious and time-consuming, especially when repeated across multiple channels.

Automation makes it easy to set up your campaigns once and not worry about it again.

Benefit: By using automation you can speed up conversations and move leads through the funnel faster.

ProTip 3: Use dynamic retargeting

Dynamic retargeting creates unique ads and experiences for each individual customer. These communications are more enticing and interesting to your target audience because they are so personalized. 

Benefit: Using dynamic retargeting across all channels, you can deliver personalized messages on the basis of past engagements with customers and their behavior.

ProTip 4: Use your CRM as a secret weapon

CRM platforms such as Zoho allow you to keep all of your customer data in one place. As CRMs enable you to track data about how your customers are behaving on what channels, it becomes easier for you to trigger automated campaigns and see maximum campaign success.

Benefit: You’ll be able to keep track of every conversation, no matter which channel you are using, in one place. Your reps and teams can easily access conversational history across platforms and quickly jump in when needed. 

ProTip 5: Measure results 

Just as you track the behavior of your customers and their activities, you need to track the results of messaging across all channels that you use. Knowing the message open rates, click-through rates, user engagement rates, and conversations across all channels will let you know the areas for focus and improvement.

Benefit: With results in hand, you’ll be able to create new campaigns and fine-tune your strategy to repeatedly grow your audience and revenue. 

Multichannel messaging inside Zoho CRM

Great news! All of these functionalities are available right now, inside your Zoho CRM. This makes it easy for your teams to start messaging right away, on a platform they’re already familiar with.

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