Introducing real-time dashboard for the SalesIQ Apple TV app


In 2020, we at SalesIQ launched an app for Apple TV that was well-received. We’re happy to now enhance that app with a project dashboard you can use at an organizational and departmental level for customer support teams.

Let’s look at a theoretical use case to learn more about the metrics this new feature provides and how they improve your customer engagement.

View real-time stats on the big display

Zylker is an ecommerce company that uses Zoho SalesIQ for live chat support and visitor tracking, among other features. But they had concerns from their customer support team, which needed something more than just an oral account of the team’s performance to provide immediate answers to customer queries and improve user engagement levels.

With SalesIQ’s project dashboard for Apple TV, Zylker can get an overview of all its departments in one place, as well as department-specific details.

organization level metrics

With this company-level overview, Zylker’s support head can view the total chats handled by every department, the total chats attended and closed by operators in the last 24 hours, missed/unresolved chats, and the availability of operators across departments. These metrics will help them understand the chat load handled by each department and the operator’s response to customer concerns.

Similarly, the project dashboard also provides metrics for each department’s support managers. In addition, this view shows metrics including the top operators and availability, as well as the total, closed, and open chats specific to that department in the last 24 hours.

department-level metrics

Get started

Download the Zoho SalesIQ App for Apple TV and get all the data on the big screen today. Let us know your feedback, and if you need any additional metrics to be added to the dashboard, leave them in the comments section.

The SalesIQ app for Apple TV is currently available for Zoho SalesIQ Professional and Enterprise plan users and Zoho One and Zoho CRM Plus customers.


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