5 ways to get more qualified leads with engaging pop-ups

This is a guest blog post by Poptin.

Pop-ups are incredibly effective website elements for lead generation. They're a versatile tool where you can put any type of content—such as calls to action, discounts, downloadable e-books, and many other enticing offerings—to generate qualified email leads and subscribers.

Here are five tips to get more qualified leads with engaging pop-ups.

ProTip 1: Win more conversions by providing irresistible offerings and creating urgency.

Make your pop-ups more engaging and eye-catching to capture more leads. Exclusive offers increase your chances of converting visitors into leads, especially if you include a timer or count-down to evoke a sense of urgency. Visitors are more likely to give their contact information in exchange for something relevant to them than when pop-ups simply ask for their email addresses.

ProTip 2: Capture the right people at the right time by customizing triggers and pinpointing the perfect targeting rules.

This makes your lead-capture efforts much more efficient. Triggers allow you to show the pop-up based on your specified time or visitor behavior, such as when a visitor has spent a certain amount of time on your page, has scrolled through a number of pages, or has been inactive for a while. This ensures they see your message at the right time and you’re not disturbing anyone’s browsing experience.

ProTip 3: Use exit-intent technology to capture visitors before they leave so you have a chance to convert them into leads or subscribers.

Show an enticing pop-up offer when visitors are about to entirely exit the page. This gives you the opportunity to encourage them to make a decision right then, whether they choose to leave their email address behind in exchange for your offer or just leave immediately.

ProTip 4: Connect via email by using auto-responders once visitors sign up.

This allows you to engage with visitors who sign up through your pop-ups right away. You can choose whether you want to welcome them to your user community, thank them for signing up or even send them a first-time user offer.

ProTip 5: If you haven’t reached your desired goal, don’t hesitate to try A/B testing.

Don’t lose hope if you haven’t reached your initial targets right away. With A/B testing capability, you can improve elements to make them work best for your audience. This way, you’ll capture more leads as you acquire better insights for your lead generation process.

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