Why your organization should automate approvals

Day in and day out, the HR department receives multiple approval requests from employees. Not managing these approvals properly can cause a delay in the process, which frustrates employees. By automating approvals with HR software, you can get rid of bottlenecks and make your approval process more efficient and stress-free.

Benefits of automating HR approvals

Here’s how automating approvals benefits your organization:

  • Streamlines and simplifies the approval process by creating automated workflows

  • Sends automated email reminders to approvers whenever the process is delayed

  • Allows you to configure multi-level approvals for important requests that require oversight from different employees

  • Prevents approval delays by enabling you to set approval deadlines and configure actions that have to be initiated in case an approver fails to approve the request within the given time frame

Read more about the benefits of automating approvals for your organization in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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