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HR Software

Zoho People gets a make over bundled with new features.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Zoho People 3.0. Zoho People, our human resource solution, is getting a better look and feel with...

Zoho People 2 min read

Customer Spotlight: How Visual BI Used Zoho People to Empower Employees

“We were looking for a one-stop solution for managing our HR processes and we are glad we found Zoho People,” said Brinda Jayaram, HR Manager at...

Zoho People 2 min read

Get Instant HR Alerts and Live Feeds with Zoho People.

Jack, an executive, applies for a travel approval through his company’s HR portal. His manager misses the request amongst other important emails. The approval is...

Zoho People 1 min read

Approved! Effortless Timesheet Approvals with Zoho People

You’ve never heard an HR manager say, “Timesheets don’t need to be approved.” For those businesses that need to keep track of employees’ work time...

Zoho People 1 min read

Switch to an HR Management System. Better Now than Never!

The Falcon real estate company was facing a dilemma  –  How should they manage the rapidly growing employee base using just spreadsheets? Things were getting...

Zoho People 1 min read