September 2021 product updates: What new in Zoho People?

Zoho People, our HR software, is designed to help HR professionals focus on more strategic people management initiatives, such as improving employee experience, enhancing succession planning, and organizing training programs, rather than spending most of their time on routine administrative work.

September 2021 - Zoho People product updates

This past September, we introduced some amazing features to help our customers take HR management to the next level. Here are some prominent features and enhancements that went live last month:

  • Enjoy error-free onsite attendance management with Zoho People Kiosk, a smart facial recognition app. This application can be installed and set up at your office’s front desk in just a few steps. Learn more.

  • Create custom reports with your organization’s leave application data using Zoho People’s powerful Analytics and Advanced Analytics modules. Learn more.

  • Customize the background color and patterns of courses in Zoho People’s LMS to create a more visually engaging virtual learning environment. Learn more.

  • Allow your employees to view the ratings and reviews received from their reviewers when the self-review option is not enabled. Learn more.

Read more about how each of these features can help your organization in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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