Popular software systems used by HR professionals

The role of HR professionals has evolved greatly over the years. In a modern work environment, they are involved in every strategic function of their organization, including employee experience, change management, career development, performance management, and more.

What software do HR professionals use?

To improve each of these functions and add more value to employees, HR professionals have moved towards cloud-based software systems. They use:

  • Talent acquisition systems to automate the complete hiring process from advertising on different job sites to onboarding candidates.

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) to facilitate employee learning and development. This way, employees can attend training from their computers or even smartphones.

  • Payroll software systems to calculate employee hours and process salaries.

  • Performance management software to conduct continuous performance reviews for employees and implement a feedback loop.

  • Attendance and leave management software to enable employees to check in and check out, apply for time off, check leave balances, and more.

  • Shift management systems to create shifts, automate shift rotations, and avoid shift conflicts.

  • People analytics to make data-driven decisions to improve employee experience

Read more about the different software systems used by HR professionals in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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