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Easily handle all your WhatsApp communications and customer inquiries across multiple WhatsApp numbers using a single dynamic dashboard—all using ControlHippo's WhatsApp and Zoho CRM integration.

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Business needs

Switching between different platforms to manage customer engagement can be a time-consuming process. With customer information on one platform and conversations on another, agents may often overlook customer inquiries while managing them. Having to update the corresponding data manually on both platforms means your business is prone to even more errors.

Agents may also use multiple WhatsApp numbers when communicating with customers and find that juggling between them is tedious and laborious. Businesses need a way to streamline this process—a unified platform for customer management and WhatsApp communications.


ControlHippo seamlessly integrates WhatsApp and Zoho CRM to make customer communications more efficient. Using the Shared Inbox feature, users can easily handle multiple conversations initiated from multiple WhatsApp numbers within Zoho CRM. With this integration, users can achieve the following:

  • Synchronize WhatsApp chats directly into Zoho CRM. 

  • Access and manage WhatsApp conversations within Zoho CRM.

  • Promptly respond to WhatsApp inquiries from leads or customers.


By integrating Zoho CRM and ControlHippo's WhatsApp Shared Inbox, users can obtain multiple benefits:

  • Comprehensive overview: Gain a detailed overview of customer interactions using a unified dashboard. 

  • Instant resolutions: Address customer issues with automated messages directly from Zoho CRM.

Try ControlHippo: WhatsApp for Zoho CRM


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