App Spotlight: Mailshake Connect for Zoho CRM

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Mailshake Connect for Zoho CRM

In the realm of modern sales and marketing, effective communication, personalized outreach, and streamlined lead management are critical for efficient business operations. Mailshake Connect streamlines your marketing outreach in Mailshake with the sales process in Zoho CRM. With advanced features like mapping lead status, and real-time campaign management and tracking, it is the ideal tool for seamless email campaigns.

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Business needs

Marketing data contains insights about lead behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns. When sales teams can't access this data, they miss out on valuable information that could help them strategize. They could also duplicate marketing resources, leading to redundancy. 

Similarly, data fields must be accurately synced between sales (CRM) and marketing databases to avoid data discrepancies or loss during data maintenance. Managing leads across two separate platforms and manual maintenance lead to data integrity issues, errors, and missed opportunities. 


Mailshake Connect for Zoho CRM helps streamline lead management processes, enabling sales teams to focus more on engaging leads and less on administrative tasks. It minimizes the risk of data duplication and discrepancies due to outdated information between the two platforms.

When data is updated in one platform, the integration ensures the changes are reflected in the other in real time, preventing confusion and ensuring the accuracy of lead information. Users can also automate workflows and predefined actions in Zoho CRM based on triggers from Mailshake.


  • Save time when managing larger lead lists and provide personalized outreach in Mailshake.

  • Provide a comprehensive history of each CRM’s lead's engagement with Mailshake's communication strategy.

  • Cut the time spent on data-sync-related tasks between Zoho CRM and Mailshake by upto 50%.

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