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ZPortals is a one-stop solution to help efficiently manage your relationship with your customers and other stakeholders. It allows you to create custom web portals and customize the user interface to match your branding. 

ZPortals has you covered for everything from onboarding to managing subscriptions, paying payments, submitting support issues, displaying data in custom CRM modules, and even accessing reports and dashboards.  

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Business needs

Most businesses communicate with customers through emails ‌to build and maintain a relationship, which is their cornerstone. However, managing all business communication via email can sometimes get overwhelming and time-consuming. On the other hand, customers would want the ability to self-service and get access to required information as efficiently as possible. Routing customers' requests for information via email or phone is inefficient for both parties.


ZPortals offers a customizable portal to help facilitate sharing of information as efficiently as possible. Through Zoho One, it integrates with Zoho CRM and 8 other Zoho apps, allowing you to access everything from onboarding forms, documents, support tickets, invoices, subscriptions, reports, surveys, contracts, etc., all in one unified portal.

With ZPortals, you can

  • Onboard: Embed Zoho Forms and allow customers to edit records from Zoho CRM.

  • Update information: Allow customers to update company information and point of contacts directly from the customer portal.

  • Assign tasks: Create a custom module in Zoho CRM titled “Client Tasks” for the customer portal, allowing you to create a single list of action items for a customer.

  • Request documents: Create a list of documents the customer needs to upload with the help of a subform or create individual records in Zoho CRM. The customer can then upload the documents directly through the portal.

  • Share documents and deliverables: Customers have direct access to a Zoho WorkDrive folder with necessary documents.

  • Share invoices: Share invoices from Zoho Books for customers to pay.

  • Enable subscription for services: Embed Zoho Billings in the portal, allowing customers to signup and update their payment methods.

  • Obtain sensitive information securely: Allow customers to enter information securely into their designated Zoho Vault Chamber right from the portal.

  • Provide access to detailed reports: Embed a Zoho Analytics dashboard in the portal with the respective customer's reports and data.

  • Provide support: Integrate with Zoho Desk and enable customers to submit tickets through the portal or embed a Zoho Desk chat widget.


  • Helps build customer loyalty and goodwill by providing an easier way for customers to self-service by accessing information securely.

  • Enhances productivity by keeping things accessible in one portal and facilitates a professional experience for customers. 

  • Allows customers to securely transfer sensitive information in an encrypted format while also limiting who has access to the information within the company. 

Try ZPortals Web Portals for Zoho


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