Celebrating a year of growth and success: 2022 Year-in-review

It has been yet another exciting year for Zoho marketplace! We have made significant progress in expanding our ecosystem, adding new extensions and users, and growing our global footprint. Here's a look at some of the highlights from 2022.

We reached yet another milestone last year, housing 200+ extensions for Zoho Recruit. Source and hire top talent, all without leaving Zoho Recruit.

We added a total of 325 new extensions to the marketplace this year, providing even more options and functionality for our users.
This year, we added 219 free extensions and 106 paid extensions, giving our users a wider range of options to choose from, whether they're looking for free or paid solutions.
We now have a total of 455 telephony extensions available on the marketplace, of which 22 where added in 2022. Start enjoying VoIP and call center options right from your Zoho products.
We now support four more Zoho products on our Marketplace. Zoho Invoice with 13, Zoho Inventory with 12, Zoho TeamInbox with 6, and Zoho Meeting with 7 new extensions.
In total, there have been ~363,000 installations of extensions from the marketplace this year. And we can't wait to hit the 1 million milestone super soon in 2023.
Did you know ~1391 extensions are installed per day throughout the year.
And compared to 2021, we saw a 33.7% growth in installations on the marketplace.
We added a total of ~224,000 new users to our ecosystem this year.
And our website received a total of 1.8M visits during the year, indicating a strong interest in the extensions and services available on Zoho marketplace.
1156 customers told us how they feel about the extensions and with an average rating of 4 out of 5, we were glad to have helped so many users.

In other exciting news; Message Media formerly known as Smooth Messenger, became the first Marketplace extension to get acquired. They earned a total of $100,000 in revenue in 2022. Kudos to Jeremy Negel and team!

We added 80 new partners to our marketplace. And we are grateful for these partners to have contributed valuable extensions and services to our ecosystem.
And we engaged with a total of 59 partners in co-marketing efforts, helping our customers to promote the extensions and services available on the marketplace.

And that's not all,

Want to know which extensions you and other Zoho users loved the most this year? Here's a list of most-installed extensions of 2022.

#1 Checklist for Zoho Projects

#2 SMS-Magic for Zoho CRM

#3 Mailchimp for Zoho CRM

#4 Google Drive for Zoho Projects

#5 Giphy for Zoho Show

View the full list>

And here is a list of the most popular Zoho CRM extensions that you just couldn't get enough of in 2022.

#1 SMS-Magic

#2 Mailchimp

#3 WhatsApp Web

#4 Shopify

#5 Google Drive

View the full list>

Overall, it's been a great year for our marketplace and we're looking forward to continuing to grow and serve our partners and users in the coming year. Thank you for your support!

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