ProTips: ClickSend's Pointers to Improve Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

This is a guest post by ClickSend.

Given its fast engagement, high open and response rates, and effectiveness in reaching audience wherever they are, SMS campaigns are one of the most adopted mobile marketing tactics. SMS can be an incredibly valuable marketing tool if used correctly, but with just one wrong move, SMS messages can easily come across as spammy.

Don't worry: the experts at ClickSend are here to help you delight your customers and get the most out of your SMS campaigns with these simple tips.

Before you start sending

ProTip 1: Set an objective

What do you want to achieve from an SMS campaign? It might seem boring, but you need to know your goals to measure how your campaign is working. Your objective might be to capture data, or to increase bookings or reservations. Set your goal, track it, and learn from it.

ProTip 2: Know your database

Everyone on your database must have opted-in to receive your SMS marketing communications. Otherwise, your messages, campaign, and even account can be canceled. No one likes SMS spam, and messaging recipients who have not opted in will do more harm than good.

ProTip 3: Keep messages clear and concise

Get to the point quickly. You have 160 characters to promote your offer and drive your desired action, and in today’s media saturated world, people have very short attention spans.

ProTip 4: Pay attention to timing

Timing is everything, and that’s especially true for SMS marketing. Not only do people not want to get messages in the middle of the night, but they can’t take action if they’re asleep. Track when your users are most active on your mobile site or website to find the ideal times to send out SMS messages.

With these tips in mind, you're ready to build your SMS marketing campaign. If you're wondering where to get started or how to tell if your campaign will be effective, check out our list:

Elements of a good SMS marketing message

1. Give your message a personal touch by using the recipient’s first name, if you have it. Using ClickSend's (First Name) placeholders will do this automatically. This also adds credibility to the message.

2. Identify yourself and/or the name of your company. Clearly stating who you are builds trust and recognition.

3. If promoting an offer, clearly present it and any conditions as succinctly as possible. Don’t use open-ended messages. Make it clear when the offer ends to avoid confusion, create urgency, and drive your desired action.

4. Include a clear call to action, whether it’s "Show This Text…" or "Click Here." Show the recipient how to complete the action you want.

5. Always provide a clear way for the recipient to opt out of your marketing SMS messages. It’s the law in most countries and making it difficult for recipients to opt out only loses customer trust. For example,  include instructions in your SMS explaining how the receiver can opt out by texting ‘STOP’ to your short code (your shortened text number).

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