Fuel sales with a data-driven sales strategy

This is a guest post by Red Flag Alert.

You may have a great sales team and a well-thought-out marketing campaign, but maybe you aren’t getting results. Maybe you are targeting the wrong businesses, or you’re targeting the right businesses with the wrong strategy.

Making sure you are approaching the right businesses with the right messages is critical to sales success. The good news is that with over 6.5 million companies in the UK, there are plenty of prospects who want what you offer—you just need to find them.

That’s where data comes in. Accurate data can take your sales to the next level by enabling you to identify the right clients and create the perfect sales pitch.

Discover who buys from you, and target similar companies

You have to make sure your sales team is targeting the right leads, or else you're wasting your time chasing customers who will never buy.

Whether your team is processing requests or making outbound sales, you need to make sure your efforts are focused in the right place.

But, how do you find great potential customers?

The answer is simple: by using data to look for patterns in your existing clients, and then finding other businesses that match that profile.

One of our clients is a small commercial printing company in the UK that wanted to increase its client base, but wasn’t getting results. The business was making lots of calls, sponsoring local events, sending flyers, and emailing company owners. However, in three months they only managed to rope in one small client.

The company needed to zero in on their best leads. Within a few hours, the business analyzed its client base and found that a typical client had the following characteristics:

  • A turnover of £1m–£5m
  • Operating in business for over ten years
  • Worked in a few key niches
  • Grew over the past three years
  • Good financial health

Using Red Flag Alert, a database containing the financial data of over 6.5 million UK businesses, the company quickly built a sales list of similar companies to target. Even though the filters were broad, the company quickly started getting better responses.

This approach increased the sales team’s success rate. Over the next three months, sales increased by 400%, and the sales team was spending their time working on quality leads.

Create a sales strategy tailored to the needs of the prospect

Once you have a list of suitable targets, data can help your sales team create an effective strategy by building campaigns targeted at each customer type.

The first step is to organize your existing clients into groups based on similar data points. This can include location, sector, or financial data like revenue. Then you can create sales strategies that target each segment based on their needs.

For example, one of our clients is a recruitment specialist. They use Red Flag Alert data to help tailor the messages they send to their prospects. When targeting small but growing companies, the recruiter highlights the value of their service as a way to get highly qualified professionals into the growing team. They also provide case studies showing how the right team members can supercharge success. Conversely, when targeting large companies with high staff turnover, the recruiter focused their message on convenience, demonstrating how they took the pain out of ongoing recruitment.

Data makes targeting easy. With up-to-date information on every business, recruiters have everything they need to understand what a prospect wants to hear!

The key is having access to high-quality data

B2B Leads for Zoho CRM allows Zoho CRM users to access the Red Flag Alert database right from within CRM. Sales reps have access to critical, real-time information on 6.5 million UK businesses, including company number, SIC code, turnover, cash in the bank, current assets, net worth, credit limit, health rating, and more. Armed with this information, sales reps can build data-driven sales strategies that deliver results.

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