Mobile Zoho CRM integration captures 100% of sales updates on the go

iovox and Zoho CRM integration

This is a guest post by iovox.

Are 60% of your sales updates not being logged in CRM? A new mobile tool from iovox helps Zoho CRM users eliminate lost opportunities and manual data entry.

It’s a stunning number, but according to research cited in Sales Hacker, only 40% of sales updates are ever entered into CRM. Why do over half of all these interactions never get logged? The answer is simple. Data entry is a pain, and if you’re in sales, you want to be selling, not doing paperwork.

Empowered by an understanding of this challenge—as well as the importance of logging every interaction—iovox, a global provider of call tracking solutions, has introduced a new Zoho CRM integration for mobile phones that eliminates the hassle of manual data entry and improves data capture for every interaction.

Available for free trial, the iovox app works with existing mobile phones, requires no change to the way a user makes or receives calls, and works for both inbound and outbound calls.

Phillip Karch, a solo entrepreneur who runs a coaching business called TACHELES MIT TAKT in Berlin, Germany, struggled to keep Zoho CRM updated with every interaction until he started using the Zoho CRM mobile integration from iovox.

“Now, when I get a call from an unknown number which turns out to have potential to become a new customer, I ‘share this call’ with Zoho CRM. In Zoho CRM, I find a new entry under ‘activities’. Through this automatically generated new field I will NOT lose track of new contacts anymore. I also take ‘notes’ which show up in Zoho CRM. And thirdly, I have my recorded words transcribed into text to sync them easily into proposals or other documents.” said Phillip. “Iovox helps me keep track of every call, saving me time and improving my response time with new customers. Anybody who might lose track of incoming calls will enjoy the app.”

According to Zoho, 87% of customer interactions happen over the phone, and mobile phone usage and “BYOD” (bring your own device) are on the rise due to the growing popularity of flexible work locations. What happens then when personal phones are in the middle of every conversation between your clients and staff? Are all of those sessions logged in CRM? That’s the power of the iovox solution—close the loophole while improving the productivity and efficiency of your staff.

The iovox mobile integration with Zoho CRM is unique in its ability to track inbound and outbound calls from mobile phones. Utilized correctly, it’s the most powerful tool that exists for organizing phone calls, giving solo-entrepreneurs and large-scale businesses alike a massive advantage over their competitors.

"We know that many calls escape the traditional CRM interaction capture methods, and as a result, companies don’t really have a complete picture of their sales pipeline,” said Ryan Gallagher, Co-founder and CEO at iovox. “The app has been a win-win for sales staff, who have a simple solution to reduce manual entry and for sales managers and business owners who now have more confidence that their Zoho CRM pipelines are up-to-date with all the latest interactions.”

We asked Alexandre Gambino, who is in charge of business development at Bordeaux Link in France, how he uses the iovox app:

“I use it for all my inbound and outbound calls. I take notes instantly on my mobile, and share them with Zoho CRM. The ability to track calls on mobile, and share them with a CRM tool, without the need to use a VOIP network, softphone or SIP trunk, all services which are invoiced per minute, is a significant plus. What I was looking for was a tool which enabled me to take notes directly from my mobile, and which I could share immediately with my CRM. With of course, all the logs of calls received or made from my mobile.”

The iovox integration brings value to companies that need to keep track of client interactions, as well as sales teams who need to save, store, and access organized call details in real time and on the go. The user of the app is in charge of what calls are shared into CRM, so there’s no concern about personal calls being added to CRM.

This integration is changing the game in the area of productivity and accurate tracking of all client interactions into Zoho CRM as well as saving sales reps hours of manual data entry each week. Hours that can instead be spent on selling and generating more new business.

With more than a decade of global tracking experience, we help companies and individuals increase their revenue and improve their productivity with unique call tracking solutions.

Click here to start your own free trial of the new mobile app with Zoho CRM integration.

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