Capture leads from business cards using the Contactous integration for Zoho CRM.

This is a guest blog post by Sabapathy Narayanan. Sabapathy is a marketing manager at Contactous.


So you've subscribed to Zoho CRM, and you've created the necessary accounts for your sales, marketing, lead generation, customer service and pre-sales teams to use. You've also increased your marketing spend by increasing the spend on digital marketing campaigns, and signed up for multiple industry events, trade shows, and conferences. You'reexpecting thatthese efforts will result in conversations that get convertedintoopportunities and eventually become paying customers, all of whichyour CRM will capture.

You see some progressive improvement but nothing substantial that thrills you. You dig deeper and find out that the relationships you've nurtured aren’t entering the CRM, so that the data can be properly used for further sales, marketing, and service interactions.

You dig a little deeper and findout that Contactous can help you address this challenge of making dataavailable – where not a single handshake is missed and you don’t have to manually enter anything. All you have to do is just scan the business card or the scribbled note with a lead's contact information and the entire process of storing it in a database of it is taken care of by the back end transcription team. In essence, the back end transcription team will have the data captured in your CRM. You also realize that you can add notesand tags to the contacts that you scan.

Contactous is available as an app (Android and iOS) and integrates with Zoho CRM. The Contactous extension for Zoho CRM is available in Zoho Marketplace.

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