ProTips: 5 ways to enhance your sales process using just spreadsheets and Zoho CRM

This is a guest post by Pagos Inc.

There are several friction areas in sales that can reduce your team’s efficiency. However, with the right implementations, you can automate manual tasks, reduce errors, and focus on closing deals. Here are 5 tips that can empower your salespeople to increase their overall efficiency using spreadsheets and Zoho CRM together.

ProTip 1: Integrate product configuration rules into your CRM application

In today’s competitive business environment, products are getting more and more customizable to meet specific customer needs. Businesses need to provide their sales team with tools to configure their products with ease. Because of its simplicity, many businesses build those product configuration rules in Excel spreadsheets.

SpreadsheetWeb for Zoho CRM allows businesses to integrate their Excel-based product configuration tools into Zoho CRM. As a result, salespeople can configure the best possible product configuration without leaving their CRM platform or reentering data elsewhere.

ProTip 2: Embed complex pricing models into your CRM

Many businesses build their pricing calculations in Excel models and distribute them to their sales team. You can aid your team by removing the back-and-forth between an Excel tool and your CRM using the SpreadsheetWeb for Zoho CRM integration.

With the integration, you can create an application from any Excel workbook and embed it inside Zoho. The embedded application can calculate results based on user input, data coming from Zoho CRM, and the underlying workbook, and then send it back to Zoho CRM.

ProTip 3: Generate dynamic documents right from your CRM

Many businesses also create printable proposal documents directly from their pricing spreadsheets.

With SpreadsheetWeb for Zoho CRM, your users can generate dynamically generated documents with data prepopulated with the click of a button.

ProTip 4: Embed your own custom user interface inside CRM

Your brand image, how it’s perceived at first glance, and how easy it is to accomplish tasks on your CRM depend a great deal on how easy its interface is to work with. However, one size doesn’t always fit all, and a bespoke user interface speaks louder than numbers in most cases.

You can customize the look and feel of your web applications, and they can be embedded into Zoho CRM, using the SpreadsheetWeb for Zoho CRM integration. Choose from available templates or create your own custom CSS to enhance your web applications and make them your own.

ProTip 5: Implement a workflow with email notifications, or even custom actions

Keeping your team on top of your sales process by notifying them automatically about new quotes, or when a customer asks for a new estimate, reduces turnaround time.

You can send customized, dynamically generated email notifications that trigger when a certain event occurs using the SpreadsheetWeb for Zoho CRM integration.

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