Product updates from Zoho Voice: What's new in August

The Zoho Voice team released some exciting new features last month. Here's a rundown of all the latest enhancements that will allow you to handle your calls better.

Holiday configuration

In our last blog, we explained how you can define business hours, so callers can leave you a voicemail when they call while you're off duty. To handle holiday calls, we've released holiday configuration options. Now you can specify all your holiday dates, and direct callers to your voicemail when they call you on holidays.

You can add a holiday configuration by going to Settings>Holidays. In Zoho Voice, we also have predefined holiday lists, such as US holidays, UK holidays, and so on. You can choose a list and click the Add button next to each holiday to add them. You have the option to enter a custom voicemail message if you want to replace the predefined message. You can also select your holidays by clicking on the dates on the calendar displayed. Just enter a name for the holiday configuration and save it.

Transfer calls to queues

We released the Call Transfer feature a couple of months back. However, you were only able to transfer a call to another agent through a warm transfer. Now, you can also transfer calls to queues.

To transfer an incoming call to a queue, attend the call and click the Transfer button. Then, search for the queue name and click the required queue. The call will be transferred to the queue and agents will receive the call according to the queue settings.

Unlike the calls transferred to agents where you can merge the calls and have a 3-way discussion with the caller and the other agent, your calls here will be disconnected as soon as you select the queue. Please let the caller know about this before you transfer the call, so if there's no answer from the selected queue, they can leave a voicemail.

Feedback rating

The Feedback feature gives your callers the opportunity to rate the quality of service offered by your agents. Feedback can be enabled only for incoming calls. Ratings range from 1 to 5, and you can check the ratings in the Call Logs page, next to every incoming call.

The Feedback feature is specific to a phone number, and you can enable it from the Call Config page. Select a number, go to Edit>Incoming Calls>Message>Feedback, and click Enable Feedback. Now, enter a custom message if you want to replace the predefined message. You can also upload an audio message, which will be played to the caller once you disconnect the call on your end.

Sign in to your Zoho Voice account, try out these features, and let us know what you think! If you're new here, sign up to create your account and see how easily you can handle business calls using Zoho Voice.


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