Zoho Show integrates with Zoho Analytics: Build meaningful stories with your data

Creative representation of business metrics plays an important role in organizations today. Businesses increasingly rely on a data-driven approach to interpret progress and make strategic decisions. This has also proven to be an effective way to brief the management, clients, or team members about business goals

Even though companies track many different types of metrics to monitor growth, the challenge lies in extracting value from all the collected data. Going through hundreds of lines of spreadsheet numbers to identify patterns and trends can be a time-consuming process.

Charts and graphs add a clear and accurate understanding of the collected data. This especially holds true when you’re presenting the data in slides. Manually inputting this data for every presentation is a repetitive task. Being able to access your analytics tool inside your presentation app can help you worry less about creating the visuals and focus more on communicating data in a concise and easy-to-understand manner.

Introducing Zoho Analytics in Zoho Show

With Show’s new integration with Zoho Analytics, all your charts and graphs created with the Analytics tool can now be added to your slides with a simple click.

Save yourself the hassle of drawing up graphs manually every time you need to visualize data on your slides. Through the Zoho Analytics add-on, all the workspaces you are part of are available from within the Show app. View all your comparison data in one place and pick dashboards based on the audience you will be addressing through the slides. This way, you can summarize information and give viewers the big picture from your data at a glance. 

Creating data-driven stories

Inaccurate representations of analytical data will end up being counterproductive in any context, especially business. For instance, imagine you are presenting your company to potential investors. Static representation without visual cues makes it hard for them to thoroughly understand your revenue model and growth projections.

Using this latest integration with Zoho Analytics, you can easily add visualizations of your company data directly to your slides. This can help transform your data into actionable insights for your investors.

Adding informative visuals to your slide deck is easier than ever. Use our new Zoho Analytics add-on for Zoho Show from our Add-on Store and change the way you present data and information on your slides.


This add-on can be used by organizations or individuals who have purchased a standard plan or above of Zoho Analytics.
You can also create slideshows with Zoho Analytics.


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