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QuickBooks extension for Zoho CRM

The QuickBooks extension for Zoho CRM is a robust integration that bridges your CRM and accounting software, ensuring synchronized customer and financial records. This tool is essential for businesses seeking to optimize their workflow and enhance productivity.

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Business needs:

The challenge of maintaining consistent customer records across different systems can lead to operational silos, impacting sales growth and customer satisfaction. Manual entry of financial records in both CRM and QuickBooks can result in errors and data duplication, affecting data quality and record maintenance.


The QuickBooks extension for Zoho CRM offers a seamless integration between your CRM and accounting systems. This integration is designed to enhance your workflow within Zoho CRM by providing the following key features:

  • Instant record sync: Automatically synchronizes records when a customer record is created in Zoho CRM, ensuring up-to-date information across both systems.

  • Bidirectional sync: Facilitates a two-way sync of customer and financial records between Zoho CRM and QuickBooks, maintaining data consistency.

  • Automated record maintenance: Provides accurate reporting and maintains consistent records within Zoho CRM, reducing the need for manual data entry.

  • Team synchronization: Ensures all teams receive record updates simultaneously, eliminating operational silos within Zoho CRM.

  • Periodic automatic sync: Automatically syncs records every ten minutes on selected modules within Zoho CRM, preventing data loss.

  • Audit tracking: Tracks record sync from audit and sends instant notifications when a record fails to sync, ensuring data integrity within Zoho CRM.


The QuickBooks extension for Zoho CRM provides several benefits:

  • Empowers the sales team with data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

  • Enhances customer experiences through a comprehensive understanding of customer needs.

  • Improves sales, marketing, and service strategies with valuable customer records.

  • Streamlines operations and improves business efficiency with better inventory tracking.

Get the QuickBooks extension For Zoho CRM


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