Say goodbye to mundane manual tasks one address at a time

This is a guest post by Cloud Sauce Ltd.

Data entry isn't exactly fun.

In fact, entering company data into a CRM system can be downright painful. You can put the radio on, mentally drift away to a happier place, or dream of a world where data entry doesn’t exist. But it does, and it has to get done. Your CRM is the gateway to your clients, and the data it contains must be correct.

Of all the fields to get right, customer addresses are the most important. And yet, it's one of the fields that is the most frustrating to enter manually—especially once you discover that every country has a different format for their addresses. Is that a postcode or a zipcode? Is that a town, city, county, or state?

Why should you care about customer address data?

Modern logistics is a harsh industry. Ten years ago, an online customer would be prepared to wait for days or weeks for their goods. If they didn’t arrive, they’d be annoyed but understand that things go wrong sometimes. Today’s online consumer is a fierce, unforgiving creature. They expect 100% on-time delivery stats. If their order doesn’t arrive, they might tell everyone on social media who’ll listen to them. As such, the cost of an incorrect address entry in a CRM is high.

Your sales team will thank you for having correct customer data in your CRM as well. No sales executive wants to arrive late for a client meeting because they couldn’t find the company. A stressed-out salesperson isn’t a good advert for your brand.

Correct addresses, every time 

The Global Address Finder for Zoho CRM is the answer to all these problems. With this seamless integration for your Zoho CRM system, entering company address details will become a pleasure. Okay, maybe not a pleasure, but it will be easier and a lot more accurate. Simply enter any part of the street address, and the Global Address Finder will show you every address that contains that fragment. Find the address you want, and the extension will populate your fields for you. It's that simple.

Every country accounted for 

The Global Address Finder extension searches street addresses in countries around the world. If you need a supplier in Mumbai, have a client in Dusseldorf, or want to mailshot a company in Los Angeles, we have you covered. The Global Address Finder is the easiest and quickest way to find and validate addresses for your Zoho CRM.

Try Global Address Finder for Zoho CRM

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