It's the beginning of the year, so let's start with "Hi!"

What’s the driving force behind Writer? Is it our AI-powered engine? Our R&D? Our common obsession for coffee? No, it’s our team: a group of individuals dedicated to creating amazing products to make your everyday lives easier.

Considering how contact-less all our 2020 days were, we thought it’s only fair to welcome this fresh new year by bringing forward two things we realize we miss the most: our people and their stories.

We asked some of our teammates to share their experiences behind some of our biggest updates last year (and some that are coming early this year). Here’s what they had to say:

Learning Español for Zia
Venkatesh is a 22-year-old developer who recently joined the team. His first task was to work with the group building the most requested Spanish version of Writer’s smart writing assistant, Zia.

Climbing the mobile-web interoperability hill
Manoj, a passionate mobile developer on our team, recollects how  great feedback from our users made all the hard work behind bringing multi-section compatibility to the iOS app absolutely worth it.

The journey of your support tickets
If you’ve written to us in the recent times with a query or help request, Akshaya was probably the one who coordinated with the respective groups in our team to help solve it for you.

Can Writer be a screenplay manager?
Gowtham, a product designer on the team, certainly believes so. That’s because he worked on an interesting project (coming to you very soon!) that turns the same Writer app you love into a screenplay editor and manager for teams in the entertainment industry.

Putting together the biggest update of the past year, Writer 6
If you were with us when we released Writer’s 6th major version in early 2020, you know it marked a great new milestone in the history of Writer.

But behind the scenes for Vijayakumar, our quality assurance expert, it meant some intense days and nights of testing and monitoring until his team decided to press that “magic button” that brought the new version of Writer to you. ✨

Someone who works on the user-end of Writer each day
The one who cuts my first-draft puns—Lydia is the Writer team’s editor and spends all day reviewing, commenting, and making suggestions on the content we produce—basically a power user of the Writer platform.

Sending a big warm hug to all of you for making it through the difficult times of 2020. We’re so grateful to our Writer community for spending this last year with us. Here’s wishing you a very happy and prosperous new decade!

– the Writer family


2 Replies to It's the beginning of the year, so let's start with "Hi!"

  1. The writer team did a exceptional job last year. Many of the updates were superb and whilst users of Zoho Writer might not always quick to compliment, the team should know that pouring the love and commitment into making Writer the best editor its its space, as they do, gets noticed. Massive thank you to everyone in the Writer team, keep up the amazing work throughout 2021.

    1. Thank you so much for this amazing comment David! :) This means a lot to all of us. Our team is working hard to give you some amazing new updates this year and we can't wait for all our users to try it!

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