Real stories, real wins: The magic of CRM integrations - Part II

As we wrapped up 2023, we put the spotlight on some of our customers, their stories, and their wins. Well, let's look at more of these success stories in Part II and see more of the magic that happens when integrations join forces with Zoho CRM.

Customer: Midrag

Integration: VoiceSpin for Zoho CRM

Midrag, one of Israel's largest marketplaces, used VoiceSpin for Zoho CRM integration to streamline operations and boost productivity. This solution seamlessly integrates telephony services with Zoho CRM with minimal effort. For Midrag, this has meant significant improvements to both productivity and customer service quality, thanks to the extension's easy access to customer details and real-time data. Additionally, the unified system within Zoho CRM has enhanced the user experience for both agents and managers, enabling quick decision-making and proactive adjustments. Read more

Customer: Gradelink

Integration: Jotform for Zoho CRM

Before integrating Jotform with Zoho CRM, one of the biggest challenges facing Gradelink—a California-based student information system—was managing customer feedback. Thanks to this integration, Gradelink streamlined its feedback collection process, addressed customer concerns more swiftly, and improved customer satisfaction overall—leading to an 80% increase in CSAT scores. Read more

Customer: FIBBEE

Integration: WhatsApp and Instagram integration by Wazzup for Zoho CRM

A pioneer in robotic coffee delivery, FIBBEE uses separate platforms to communicate with customers, including WhatsApp and Instagram. Relying on these separate channels often led to inconsistencies in messaging, which further led to missed opportunities and lost sales. FIBBEE integrated the solution with Zoho CRM and enhanced the company's efficiency in communicating with customers. The integration enables quick responses, automates greetings, and centralizes customer data, improving service efficiency by 70%. Real-time visibility into conversations and increased customer communication resulted in significant business growth. Read more

Customer: Saboo RKS Motors

Integration: Ozonetel for Zoho CRM

Saboo RKS Motors, a leading automobile dealer in Hyderabad, was looking to enhance call connectivity and call management within Zoho CRM. Integrating Ozonetel with Zoho CRM fulfilled their requirements by enabling agents to initiate calls directly from Zoho CRM and access detailed call reports. This integration streamlined their operations and resulted in a 50% increase in sales calls and a 40% increase in bookings within a few months. Additionally, average handling times improved, which in turn enhanced agent productivity and customer engagement. Read more

These stories reflect the success of customers who have enhanced the capabilities of Zoho CRM with these extensions from Zoho Marketplace. You're just a click away from enhancing your Zoho CRM suite!

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