Real stories, real wins: The magic of CRM integrations

Businesses and products are not about code and features; they're about the impact we make on real people and real businesses. As we wrap up 2023, let's put the spotlight on real stories and genuine wins. So buckle up as we rewind and witness firsthand the magic that happens when various integrations join forces with Zoho CRM.

Hear from Zoho users how Zoho Marketplace extensions help streamline their everyday workflows.

Customer: Architectural Iron Designs 

Extension: Sage 100 SYNC and Zoho CRM integration

When Architectural Iron Designs was facing operational hurdles with manual processes, the company decided to leverage anintegration to bridge the gap between Sage ERP and Zoho CRM. This connection not only streamlined operations, significantly boosted efficiency, and eliminated redundancies, but also enhanced their customer service and positioned them as industry leaders. With robust sales tracking and increased profit margins, Architectural Iron Designs exemplifies the tangible impact of the Sage 100 SYNC and Zoho CRM integration. As President Jay Shah looks towards the future, he believes the journey has just begun, promising more innovations and success stories to come. Read more

Customer: NetReputation

Extension: Klenty Email Automation with Zoho CRM

Florida-based NetReputation revolutionized its sales game and achieved a fourfold increase in email outreach by seamlessly integrating Klenty Email Automation with Zoho CRM. Faced with challenges in email control and lead engagement, NetReputation found a solution that transformed their approach. Klenty's integration provided control over campaigns, streamlined lead tracking, and enabled re-engagement strategies. The results were remarkable, with daily emails surging from 30-40 to 150—boosting connection rates and overall sales. NetReputation's journey is a testament to the transformative power of integrations, setting the stage for continuous improvements in reputation management services. Read more

Customer: GTI

Extension: Klenty for Zoho CRM

In the dynamic world of early career services, UK-based GTI—a multifaceted organization specializing in B2B and B2C services—transformed its sales strategies with the Zoho CRM Plus and Klenty integration. Managing a high volume of leads efficiently was a challenge for GTI's sales team, posing a risk to oversight and hindering strategic sales initiatives. The integration allowed GTI to create tailored cadences for cold outreach and follow-ups, ensuring targeted and relevant communication for each lead. The results were game-changing, with a remarkable 80% increase in outreach efforts, improved lead nurturing, and a streamlined sales process. With automated workflows and personalized communication, GTI's end-user experience soared, setting the stage for continuous growth and exploration of additional features and integrations for even greater business efficiency. Read more

Architectural Iron Designs, NetReputation, and GTI exemplify the tangible impact these integrations have had in elevating customer service, boosting email outreach, and achieving remarkable improvements in lead management. Join us in the upcoming Part Two of this blog, where we'll showcase more customer stories and real wins. 

Which integration story resonates with you the most? What's your favorite integration in Zoho Marketplace? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don't forget to join us for Part Two, where we'll discuss even more inspiring tales and real stories.



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