Announcing improved analytics for meetings—now with an enhanced user interface

Do you find it challenging to analyze your past meetings and monitor participant engagement? Wouldn’t it help if you could access and analyze your entire organization's session information all from one place?

Well, now you can. We're thrilled to introduce enhanced analytics for meetings and webinars.

The new Analytics tab in Zoho Meeting is a consolidated dashboard that contains important metrics to help you learn how many participants were actively involved in a session, as well as their overall engagement for a specified period. We've also made extensive enhancements to our user interface for a consistent and seamless experience.

What’s included in the new Analytics tab? 

Under the separate Analytics tab, you can now access critical data such as Session Count, Session Duration, and Session History.

These analytics are integral to planning your meetings and webinars because they provide valuable information about the level of engagement from your participants and attendees. Using this data, you can determine the effectiveness of your online sessions, and even identify any technical issues that may have limited participants from joining a session.

Session Count 

The session count dashboard gives you an exact count of the total number of sessions, the average number of sessions held per day, and the total duration of the sessions held within a chosen period. You will also find the number of participants and attendees who joined each session in an extensive participant engagement report under this tab.

Session Duration 

The session duration dashboard gives you insights on the total session duration, average duration per session, and the total number of sessions conducted during the chosen period.

Super admin can monitor the session count and session duration of the entire organization, including all the departments, while admins can analyze the same only for their departments.

Session History 

As the name suggests, this tab provides a comprehensive list of all the sessions conducted during a chosen period. You can filter sessions based on specific hosts for improved insights.

How do you access Analytics tab? 

The Session History Analytics tab is available across the Free, Standard, and Professional editions of Zoho Meeting and Webinar, while the Session Count and Session Duration Analytics tabs are exclusively available in the Professional edition. Upgrade now to access advanced analytics from one place.

Get participant engagement reports in no time 

The participant engagement report gives you all of the available information on each participant or attendee who attended a session, including their name and role in their organization.

You’ll learn what device they prefer to use to attend a meeting, how engaged they were during the meeting, and the duration they spent in the meeting from the time they joined to the time they left. 

Export reports with ease 

Download participant engagement reports as an XLS or CSV file with just the click of a button. Our robust security and privacy practices hide key user details and password-protect exported files.

Learn how to use Zoho Meeting Analytics in detail.

Enhanced user interface offers easy access 

In addition to enhancing the analytics of Meeting and Webinar, we've worked on enhancing our user interface, inching ever closer to providing a more consistent and pleasing experience on our collaborative platform. We've made major updates on our Settings tab that will help businesses customize their Zoho Meeting account, always taking their participants and attendees into consideration.

So, feel free to explore and customize your Zoho Meeting user interface to discover its ease of access and improved performance.

We hope that the enhancements we’ve made with the all-new Analytics tab will improve your overall experience and help drive business growth. Access the Analytics feature today and learn about your sessions and participant engagement all in one place.

Try Zoho Meeting today from as low as $1.


2 Replies to Announcing improved analytics for meetings—now with an enhanced user interface

  1. Is there a way to add label or marker on the timeline during the meeting? For long meetings it is really helpful to have the markers/labels/falgs to timeline to quickly review latter .

    1. Hey, Shaik Irfan. At the moment, we don't have the option to add label or marker on the timeline. But it's in the pipeline and we'll keep you posted on the same.

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