Transforming the way you connect: Introducing business phone calls in Zoho Meeting

Thanks to the increase in remote and hybrid work, online meetings and cloud-based calls have grown more popular with the business community than ever. Consequently, it’s become quite a hassle to switch between applications for business meetings and client calls.

What if we could blur the lines and work towards a more unified communication platform for all internal and external business needs?

We’re introducing the all-new Calls tab within Zoho Meeting.

With this much-needed integration between cloud-based meetings and phone systems, you can now have an unified calling and messaging solution for customer-facing teams from our online meeting software.

Zoho Meeting is extensively used as a one-stop platform for all business needs, thanks to our wide range of integrations, and we believe that Zoho Meeting Calls is another great addition to the arsenal! We can't wait for you to empower your sales and support teams with this business phone system integration.

What does the business phone system offer?

Expand and extend support beyond boundaries 

Set up business calls and support international clients across the globe using quick, cloud-based calls. Connect with your clients via calls and SMS from your personalized business numbers.

Improve performance and productivity

Initiate instant calls with your team members through easy-to-use extensions within one account. Schedule, connect, and follow up on calls without breaking a sweat, and without having to jump across apps.

Sync with one-click integration

Access calls inside Zoho Meeting with the click of a button. Both admins and super admins can click on the Calls tab or the Dialer icon in Zoho Meeting to enable the integration.

Once enabled, your Zoho Meeting account's organizational users will be synced with Zoho Voice, ready to make local and international business calls.

Learn how to initiate the integration here.

What happens once Calls is enabled? 

Once the integration is live, a free 15-day trial of the Zoho Voice Enterprise edition will begin. Admins can use "Ask Free Credits" to avail trial credits for testing outbound calls. Once trial credits are over, they can upgrade their account to purchase credits, numbers, and set up inbound and outbound business calls.

And start dialing... 

Once the integration is complete, access the ZDialer dial pad with just a click on the Dialer icon!

The ZDialer dial pad is readily available as a go-to widget to make quick calls with unsaved numbers. Choose one of the purchased numbers to make calls and quickly check the voicemails. Set your status to available or on a break with manual status changes on your dial pad.

Users and privileges

The admin or super admin in Zoho Meeting who first enables the integration will be assigned the role of super admin in Zoho Voice. Apart from super admin, Zoho Voice offers four more user types: admins, technicianssupervisors, and supervisor plus.

  • Clearly, Admins have the highest privileges in the organization, being able to view the call history and recordings of all purchased numbers. They hold the ability to restrict incoming and outgoing calls for the purchased numbers.
  • Technicians are agents of the organization who can only access their own calls, logs, assigned contacts, and assigned queue. They can also choose to import contacts of their own, with those being visible to the admin as well.
  • Supervisors are users who have a list of technicians assigned to them, and have access to their call logs and recordings. Supervisor plus is a similar role to that of a supervisor, but it comes with more privileges, such as the ability to edit and configure more settings.

Learn more about the type of users and their privileges in Zoho Voice.

Let's get familiar with Zoho Meeting Calls

One-stop dashboard

Analyze all of your cloud-based business phone communication via an all-in-one dashboard. You can learn about the call load on an hourly and weekly basis, stats on individual numbers and agents, and gain insights on the total number of calls for each country.

Automatic call logs

Don’t worry about keeping track of your calls! All of the incoming and outgoing business phone calls will be logged automatically in Zoho Voice. You’ll also get to filter logs based on numbers, agents, and departments for easy access.

Seamless SMS

Let conversations flow seamlessly through quick local and international business messaging. Connect over calls and follow up via SMS to engage and maintain trust with your clients.


Get a quick overview of all organization members, their departments, respective roles, extensions, and even their current availability.


Manage a queue with a selected set of relevant technicians. Assign a number for the queue and, depending on the configuration, technicians will receive an incoming call simultaneously or one-by-one in the queue.


Technicians will be able to check and connect with their contacts assigned by the admins. This will be super helpful for customer support technicians who can import their own contacts and make quick business calls, all within Zoho Meeting.

Configure calls

Assign a convenient name, edit the default language and voice, and configure incoming and outgoing calls separately for a number. You can also choose the type of answering mode for the particular number between the queue, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and call forwarding.

And that's all for now! Everyone at Zoho Meeting continually works toward a unified communication solution to meet all business requirements. With this much-needed integration between cloud-based meetings and phone systems, we inch one step closer towards that goal.

It’s to be noted that Zoho Voice is currently only available in US and EU data centers; we’re working on setting up the same in AU and IN data centers very soon!

This announcement is part of the #FutureOfCollaboration series that talks about the latest updates to the Zoho Workplace. Read the complete announcement here.


14 Replies to Transforming the way you connect: Introducing business phone calls in Zoho Meeting

  1. Please install the integration of Bulk sms in Meeting! The integration already exists in CRM and Marketing Automation! Thank you

    1. Hey, Dries Vanderelst. Thanks for your interest in Zoho Meeting Calls, our team is working on bringing it to the EU DC soon. We'll keep you posted on the same.

  2. Please make it very clear to your user base that this functionality is not available in EU DC as Zoho Voice is not available in the EU yet. We look forward to pushing the solution as an option when its supported across the EU DC

    1. Hey, Lucy. Yes, it's not available in EU DC at the moment, but our team is working on it. We'll keep you posted on the same.

  3. Can the call work for one member who is calling in while everyone else is on video? 2 what is the cost of adding it to our subscription pennies now@aol.comThanks Penelope

    1. Hey, Penelope. Yes, it's possible for a member to join an ongoing video meeting by dialing in from phone. Regarding cost, you can access 'Calls' tab using your existing Zoho Meeting subscription, and then purchase Credits to make incoming and outgoing calls. Please reach out to for more assistance.

  4. Hi. We have Zoho one. I am looking to know can I have a continued video call/meeting with another member of staff while still using my laptop to work on other things . Or would I have to keep Zoho open at all times.

    1. Hey, Connie. Yes, you can continue to browse other applications on your laptop and still stay connected with your meetings via Picture-in-Picture (PiP). Please ensure that the option to automatically launch PiP is enabled in the in-session settings. If you need more assistance, please reach out to

    1. Hey, Simon. Thanks for your interest in Zoho Meeting Calls. It's not available in the UK at the moment, but our team is working on it. We'll keep you posted.

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