Understand your leads better with customizable webinar registration forms.

Good market players know too well who they serve. It’s a knowledge built on relationships, with an instinct to understand users’ needs and expectations. Zoho Meeting introduces customizable webinar registration forms to help you know your leads better.

Customizable Webinar Registration Forms

A typical webinar registration form consists of the topic of the webinar, description, time, fields for entering basic details like name and email address, and the Register button. With customizable webinar registration forms in Zoho Meeting, you can go well beyond the basic to understand your leads on a deeper and more valuable level.

Add fields

Know more about a lead’s background – the industry they are in, the role they play in their organization, the region to which they belong etc by adding fields. This will help you tailor your communication and interactions based on their specific needs. Select from a set of predefined fields or add a custom field.

Add fields

Ask questions

Use your webinar registration form to ask questions and gather information on what your leads are looking for. This gives you valuable insights to build your product, and also helps you host webinar sessions that are worth your leads’ time. Add multiple choice and short answer questions using the Custom fields option.

Add custom questions

Create mandatory fields

You can make a field mandatory if the information it gives you is necessary for you to follow up with your leads in the future. For example, you can make City a mandatory field if you plan to conduct campaigns for your prospects in different regions.

Create mandatory fields

Follow up with leads

Take the final step to connect with your leads. Download your registration page report and follow up with leads based on their responses.

Download responses

Try out this feature and let us know what you think. Leave a comment below or write to us at support@zohomeeting.com


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  1. Being in the Sales Training Business it is good to see an article written by someone who has a real grasp of the subject matter!

  2. Como vai ? , sou psicólogo mas muito interessado em assuntos que são tratados aqui . Tenho tentado aplicar o que vejo aqui, em meu negócio e tem muito me ajudado . obrigado e boa sorte

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