Expand your global outreach with Zoho Meeting's all-new YouTube Live Streaming

With the work from anywhere model becoming increasingly common, limiting your events to in-person attendance is a thing of the past. All you need is a decent internet connection and a good online webinar tool to get started with your virtual event.

YouTube Live streaming

Want to reach a wider audience, regardless of their location? We’re excited to announce that you can now live stream all your webinars on YouTube Live using Zoho Meeting.

Easily host large-scale web events with live video and audio conferencing

Live screen share

Zoho Meeting’s webinar software offers a wide range of field-tested features to help you explore more possibilities with just a few clicks. Communicate your thoughts and ideas more effectively through video and audio conferencing.

Conduct a live webcast for up to 1000 attendees and tell your story in style by sharing your screen.

YouTube Live streaming

Zoho Meeting’s webcasts via YouTube Live streaming keep you prepared for any challenges while conducting large events with video streaming, screen sharing, live polls, Q&A sessions, and much more. Streaming through YouTube Live also helps you maximize your reach and connect with a much larger audience. During the live stream webcast, people can comment and ask questions on YouTube.

Benefits of live streaming your webinar

Improve your brand recognition
Online web events help you increase publicity and can positively impact your global brand awareness.

Livestreaming your webinar is an affordable alternative to conducting large-scale in-person events. You can use your webinar tool to generate high-value leads with minimal investment.

Reach out from anywhere, at any time
Use Zoho Meeting’s webinar software to stream your live webinar with up to 1000 attendees in one session. Meeting’s robust features and intuitive interface can help improve communication with larger groups.

User education
Train your internal employees more efficiently by offering informative on-demand webinars. Record these training sessions to reuse them for future use.

What does it cost?
Zoho Meeting’s YouTube live streaming feature can be accessed for free on all paid Zoho Meeting accounts. Get full access to our premium features starting at just $8 a month. Learn more about Meeting’s pricing structure.

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