Zoho Meeting: Recap 2020

We‘ve made it to the end of a year that has been globally challenging in many ways. When the COVID-19 pandemic started, teams of every size across the world started to work from home. It was a demanding time for us at Zoho Meeting to shape our app into a full-fledged web conferencing platform that empowers users to work remotely. We believe we were successful in rising to this challenge, and we did so with the help and support of our users around the world. Now, we’re glad to share with you this list of achievements we made in the year 2020.

Security improvements

  • Password-protected meetings

Security and privacy for online meetings became a quickly growing concern in the initial days of switching to remote work. To protect our users and their information, we enabled password protection for all meetings as an additional layer of security apart from encryption, two-factor authentication, Lock Meeting feature, entry/exit notifications, recording notification, and other moderator controls. Learn more about security in Zoho Meeting.

  • Key invalidation of past meetings and webinars

As a step towards better security, we started invalidating the keys of past meetings and webinars of our users. This prevents hackers and online abusers from randomly guessing meeting and webinar keys to get access to your data. Although this security measure means you cannot re-start your past sessions, you can always reschedule your past meetings to use them again.

Video conferencing in meetings and webinars

As video meetings became the new normal, we improved Zoho Meeting to support multiple video feeds. The video conferencing feature in Zoho Meeting lets you conduct meetings with up to 100 participants and view 25 active video feeds at a time. Close on the heels of introducing this feature in our online meeting platform, we added it to our webinar platform as well. Organizers and co-organizers can conduct video webinars and broadcast their live video feeds to attendees along with their webinar presentation.

Recurring meetings and webinars

Long-term remote work often means having back-to-back meetings every day to stay updated about the team’s progress. To ease the task of creating and scheduling meetings regularly, we introduced recurring meetings. This feature enabled our users to schedule their daily, weekly, and monthly meetings just once and set it to repeat for however long they wanted. In the same way, webinar organizers found it much easier to create their regular webinars once and keep them recurring at the intervals they wanted.


We integrated Zoho Meeting with many Zoho and non-Zoho apps. These include integrations with Gmail, MS Outlook, Zoho Sprints, Zoho Mail, Zoho MarketingHub, Zoho Backstage, Zoho Bigin by Zoho CRM, and more. Learn more about integrations here.

Custom domain

There are several benefits to having a custom domain for your organization. In addition to increasing your brand visibility, it also underlines the credibility of your product, service, or organization. In Zoho Meeting, admins can customize the domain “meeting.zoho.com” to a domain name of their choice; for example, “organization-name.zoho.com.” The new customized domain can then be used for hosting and joining meetings and webinars. Learn how to customize your domain.

Language localization

To enable users from different regions around the world to use Zoho Meeting in their native language, we added support for many more languages last year. Zoho Meeting is now available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa (Indonesia), Korean, Portuguese Portugal, Portuguese Brazil, Bulgarian, Swedish, and Italian.

Email customization for webinars

Being able to customize webinar emails gives so much power to the webinar organizer to influence their leads. With this feature, organizers can customize the content of their webinar invitations, registration confirmation emails, and reminder emails. They can disable certain emails if they want and also add more reminder emails if required. They can also merge different fields—such as the names of participants into the emails—and personalize them. Learn more about email customization for webinars.

Chat transcripts for meetings

During most meetings, a lot of useful information is shared via chat messages. Maintaining a copy of these messages can be useful for reviewing the discussions and reusing any links that were shared during the meeting. Zoho Meeting allows you to download a transcript of all chat messages from the meeting report. 

Desktop app for Linux users

Previously, the Zoho Meeting desktop app was available only to Windows and Mac users, but we released our desktop app version for Linux users in 2020. Download our desktop app for Linux here.

Mobile app enhancements

We added many capabilities to our iOS and Android apps last year. No matter where you are, you can plan your meetings and schedule them on your mobile using the Zoho Meeting mobile apps. Create an agenda, decide on a time, and add participants to your meeting, all from your mobile device. Start the meeting from your mobile even if you’re not at your desk when the meeting starts. 

UI improvements

A lot of enhancements were done in the meeting UI for better user experience. The newly added search, sort, and filter capabilities let you search for meetings, sort meeting lists, filter participants in a meeting, and search or sort participant lists based on different criteria. These features come in handy when you need to find specific meetings created from your account, check who has joined a meeting, and view your upcoming meetings in the order you want.

As we look forward to another year, we hope to bring even more features and enhancements in Zoho Meeting to empower you and your team to collaborate perfectly online. Your constant feedback and support have been our fuel for growth and we continue to stay committed to your needs. 

We wish you all a great new year! 

 Share your feedback by commenting below or writing to us at support@zohomeeting.com


11 Replies to Zoho Meeting: Recap 2020

  1. I love the many Zoho apps, and thank everyone at Zoho for working hard to help the users have better functionality and productivity.

  2. HI, Is t possible to have private chat rooms as a feature on Zoho meetings? Therefore if someone needs to be taken out of the meeting for private discussions to be held, this can be done.

    1. Hi William, Thank you for taking the time to appreciate us. People like you motivate us to do better every day. Do keep using Zoho Meeting and keep your feedback coming. Have a great new year.

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