From Enhancing Security to Empowering Remote Work: A Look at Zoho One in 2020

Zoho One Product Updates in 2020

Difficult times always bring out the best in us.

2020 was a year that taught us many things. Importantly, it taught us resilience and that the collective spirit of the human race can work to overcome challenges of any scale. We at Zoho One witnessed this resilience firsthand with our customers, partners and teams.

We are forever thankful for your continued support.

As 2020 draws to a close, it is also the time to look back at all the good work that resulted in the best additions to Zoho One, and there were many of note this year.

But first, let's welcome the new apps in our array:  

 Bigin by Zoho CRM—a pipeline-focused CRM that's built for small businesses

 Zoho Bookings—online appointment scheduling for any business

 Payroll—payroll software from Zoho, available right now only in India

 Try these new apps by adding them from the Zoho One admin panel, if you haven't already.

Speaking of the admin panel, we have made a lot of changes with the aim of making admins' lives easier. Let's go over them one by one.

What's New in the Admin Panel

As lines between a workplace and home blur, there is a need for advanced data privacy and security measures.

With the current reality in mind, we've introduced advanced features like web session management. With this new feature, admins can control session lifetimes, idle session time-outs, and concurrent session time-outs. We didn't stop there—we also upgraded many of our security policy features. Read more about web session management and other security updates.

Web Session Management in Zoho One Admin Panel

We have added a lot more firepower to the existing app assignment settings in Zoho One, and now conditional assignment has been expanded to include external users. App assignment has been improved for users of Zoho Backstage, Sprints, and Analytics.

There were a lot of big changes, but we also took care of the smaller things that would make the regular tasks of an admin easier. The Create New User option available in all user fields across the Zoho One Admin Panel.

Create New User Zoho One Admin Panel

Admins can also do away with applications that are not currently in use with our Hide feature.

Hide Apps from Zoho One Admin Panel

Learn how you can hide and unhide applications on the admin panel.

We hope these much-requested updates will please the Zoho One administrators in your business.

And now, let's look at some product-level updates.

From being a distant dream, work from home became our reality during the pandemic. Zoho One customers were able to transition their entire business to remote work easily and our products came up with features which provided incremental benefits.

Zoho Meeting, the video conferencing app, added a host of new features including multiple video feeds and recurring meetings. Our business chat app, Zoho Cliq, came out with a "Remote Work" edition, a virtual replacement to the physical office experience.

While we may not be able to meet our customers face-to-face, forging lasting relationships with them became the focal theme ofZoho CRM's 2020 feature edition which came with personalised customer journeys, segmentation tools and a lot more.

We realized how important sending large numbers of emails is, especially for marketing teams, so we decided to make the bulk email for MarketingHub feature available out of the box for Zoho One customers.

Good news for staffing companies who use Zoho One: they can now recruit talent for other businesses using Zoho Recruit. This operating mode is currently available as an add-on, as is the CRM Ultimate edition.

These are just the highlights of what's new in Zoho One in 2020. We are confident that this year's updates add more value to the operating system for business.

We're all looking forward to bigger and better things in 2021, so look out for more updates from Zoho One as well. We promise they will be worth your while!

Thank you again. We're so grateful for the continued trust you've placed in us.  We leave you with some of the love we got this year on our social channels.

Customer Feedback of Zoho One in 2020

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Happy new year and have a great year ahead! 

What's your take on the additions to Zoho One this year? Let us know in the comments below.


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