3 reasons to migrate from Evernote to Zoho Notebook

Evernote is one of the most widely used note-taking applications in the world, but there haven’t been any major updates in recent years. Some of the features requested by their customers haven’t been developed. Some users have found that their notes don’t sync properly to all of their devices, and the restriction on the number of devices they can sync to limits their flexibility and productivity. These issues make note-takers look for alternatives.

Zoho Notebook, launched six years ago as a simple note-taking alternative, has now grown into a full-fledged productivity application. You simply cannot ignore Zoho Notebook when you’re looking for a robust note-taking app. While there are multiple reasons why you should switch to Zoho Notebook, let’s look at the top three features where Zoho Notebook excels over Evernote.

Note. The Cards. 

While all tires help you to travel, every car model has different tires that suit it. Likewise, different types of thoughts should be treated differently. Zoho Notebook introduces notecards, which are designed to complement the type of note you’re taking.

Use a Checklist Card to stay on top of things. Add PDFs, documents, and more as unique File Cards. Audio Cards help you to record meetings, lectures, and conversations. Capture moments, scan documents, and save images you’ll need later with Photo Cards. Jot, list, record, sketch, and snap what you need to remember with Text Cards.

More ways to be organized

Zoho Notebook provides multiple ways to organize your notes apart from traditional notebook styles. Stack related notes together as notecard groups. Personalize your notebooks with hand-drawn covers from our in-house artists, or choose your own design. Organize your notes into lists and collaborate on noteboards. Zoho Notebook provides more beautiful ways to be an organized note-taker.

A notebook for every device    

You’ll never lose your notes in Notebook because it syncs to the cloud and across all of your devices. It’s always backed up and it’s always up to date. Zoho Notebook doesn’t restrict you to a specific number of devices that you can sync your notes. With its offline note-taking capabilities, Zoho Notebook is a productivity booster app you can take with you anywhere and everywhere.

These are just a few reasons you should make the switch to Zoho Notebook. Use our free Evernote migration tool to experience an elevated note-taking feel. You can also visit our webpage to see how we compare with Evernote in all aspects.

Write to us at support@zohonotebook.com if you want us to help you migrate to Zoho Notebook, and we'll be glad to assist you.


2 Replies to 3 reasons to migrate from Evernote to Zoho Notebook

  1. hello just please extend free storage to 5GB like workdrive individual edition! i know that 2GB is so good for text card but for adding inline images... and maybe someone have not access to stores payments or credit cards. best

    1. Hi Shantaram, We do have plans to enhance the current free limit in the upcoming days. Follow us on Twitter @ZohoNotebook for periodic updates!

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